Fujinon HA26x6.7BESM-E18 with full servo controls and case – USED


These Fujinon HA26x6.7BESM-E18 have been used exclusively in a church environment behind teleprompter glass. They have been impeccably maintained. Sleds are available to include with your custom quote.

  • Fujinon HA26x6.7BESM-E18
  • Full Servo Controls
  • Case
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Experience Relentless Performance with the Fujinon HA26x6.7BESM-E18

When you absolutely cannot compromise on image quality or performance, turn to the best-in-class Fujinon HA26x6.7BESM-E18 for stunning shots in any conditions. This high-end zoom lens provides unbeatable optical performance across an expansive 26x zoom range while retaining excellent resolution, contrast and color reproduction. Producers and directors can take advantage of its amazing focal length capabilities without compromising on image excellence.

With a focal length of 6.7mm to 178mm, this lens empowers you to capture both wide-angle shots as well as incredibly tight close-ups without needing a lens change. The versatile zoom range makes it the ideal choice for sports, concerts, house of worship productions, live events and beyond. You have the power to smoothly zoom from an extreme wide angle that captures the entire playing field to a super tight close-up of a musician’s fingers flying across the frets of a guitar. The broad focal length opens up immense creative possibilities to frame the shot exactly how you envision it.

Unsurpassed Optical Performance

At the heart of the HA26x is Fujinon’s most advanced optical design technologies that have made their lenses renowned in the broadcast industry. It starts with the precision glass elements including extra low dispersion and low refractive index glass to achieve unparalleled resolution and control of distortions and chromatic aberrations. State-of-the-art lens coating technologies including Fujinon’s proprietary Super-Low Reflection coating on each air-to-glass lens surfacecuts down on ghosting, flare, and other artifacts that can compromise image quality. Even when shooting in harsh sunlight or under bright studio lights, the HA26x maintains excellent contrast and accurate color rendition across the entire zoom range.

The cutting-edge optics combine with top-tier mechanical engineering to prevent focus breathing and other unwanted lens aberrations. The internal zoom, focus, and iris actuators are engineered to incredibly high tolerances, allowing precise manipulation of each optical parameter without introducing shifts in framing or focus. This makes the HA26x ideal for bothHD and emerging 4K and HDR productions where any imperfections would be readily apparent to the viewer.

Designed for Versatility

Given the broad range of productions the HA26x is built to handle, Fujinon outfitted it with numerous ergonomic controls and features to optimize operation in ENG, EFP, and studio contexts. The lens features wide rotation angles on the focus, zoom and iris control rings to allow easy adjustment even when operating on the move in uncontrolled environments. The control rings are sized appropriately and offer the right amount of drag and tension to enable repeatable movements and accurate recall of marked zoom and focus positions. The angled servo control connector contours to the lens barrel and features a quick release lever to expedite lens changes without forcing operators to completely disconnect control cables.

The HA26x incorporates both hard stops and soft stops on the zoom and focus mechanisms. This lets operators instantly shift from the full focal length range down to a restricted range at the flick of a switch. For example, directors can limit zoom travel for presenters that need to remain framed within a tighter zoom range. The soft stops provide tactile feedback at key focal lengths like wide, medium and tight without forcing a hard stop.

With a minimum object distance of just 1.8 feet, the lens offers the flexibility to focus on nearby subjects just outside the camera. The ability to achieve tight close up shots expands the lens’ potential for creative shots. Even at the extreme end of the telephoto range, it maintains an impressive object distance of 8 feet.

Given the lens is engineered for 4K acquisition and HD simulcasting, it features a built-in 2x extender that can instantly increase the focal length to 52mm-356mm with the flip of a switch. Engage the extender when you need the extra reach but don’t have time to change lenses such as when covering a fast-paced live event.

Accurate Lens Mapping

To simplify lens integration and ensure accurate camera metadata, Fujinon outfitted the HA26x6.7BESM with precise lens mapping. Built-in encoders for zoom, focus and iris transmit lens data to compatible cameras for recording accurate EXIF data and simplifying logging and metadata workflows. The data can even drive realtime lens displays in camera viewfinders or monitors so operators always know their zoom and focus position. Additional lens data outputs include back focus measured in feet or meters and temperature data that can be used to trigger warnings if the lens should overheat. With comprehensive data coverage, producers can feel confident matching footage and replicating lens settings.

For multicamera productions, the lens supports 12-bit serial lens control using industry-standard protocols. This digital integration with production switchers or cameras eliminates the need to run multiple analog control cables and enables remote control of zoom, iris, focus and extender functions. With lens data built into the video feed and integrated controls, productions can efficiently capture and switch between shots from multiple cameras using Fujinon HA26x lenses.

Robust and Reliable

Despite its cutting-edge optics and features, the HA26x retains the legendary ruggedness Fujinon lenses are renowned for. The sturdy aluminum housing provides protection for the internal optics in challenging conditions while remaining lightweight for ENG and handheld operation. The lens hood is equally ruggedized and contains special filters to suppress extraneous light outside of the desired image area. A hydrophobic coating on the front element repels moisture, fingerprints, smudges and other liquids that could degrade the shot. The lens also features a comprehensive set of anti-vibration mechanisms, critical when mounted on moving camera setups. Operators can feel confident the rock-steady HA26x will maintain alignment and hold calibration shot after shot.

With a fast T-stop of T2.9 enabling shallow depth of field and sensitive low light ability, the lens is designed to integrate seamlessly with the latest large sensor 4K cameras. 4K cameras demand incredible optical performance to deliver their full potential, and the HA26x delivers with resolution exceeding 4K requirements. Whether for HD broadcasts or cutting-edge 4K productions, the HA26x has the resolution and image integrity to serve productions far into the future.

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide

Professionals rely on the unparalleled quality of Fujinon lenses to capture critical footage day in and day out. The HA26x has earned the trust of broadcasters across ENG, sports, cinematic productions and more. Networks like the BBC, Netflix, Discovery, ESPN, CCTV and TV Asahi choose Fujinon for their incredible sharpness, color and reliability. The same level of optical precision found in blockbuster Hollywood films is built into the HA26x.

When you need a wide range zoom with the versatility for any production, you need the power of the Fujinon. The HA26x6.7BESM delivers uncompromising image fidelity from an extreme 6.7mm wide angle all the way to a super-telephoto 178mm. Shoot in cramped spaces, expansive arenas, under unpredictable lighting or in heavy rain, and the HA26x will always deliver a razor-sharp image with faithful color. Fujinon sets the bar for optical excellence, and this lens represents the pinnacle of performance.

Experience the next generation in HD and 4K lensing with the new benchmark Fujinon HA26x. Contact our knowledgeable sales professionals today to learn more or schedule a hands-on lens trial. Discover why top professionals trust Fujinon to capture their most important footage. The HA26x6.7BESM combines versatility, cutting-edge features, robustness and unmatched image quality in the ultimate 2/3-inch portable zoom lens.

Key Benefits:

  • Massive 26x zoom range from 6.7mm wide angle to 178mm super telephoto
  • Advanced optics with extra-low dispersion and precision multi-coating for exceptional resolution, color and contrast
  • Anti-breathing design maintains stable framing and focus throughout zooms
  • Built-in 2x extender doubles length to 52-356mm
  • Wide rotation angles on precision control rings for repeatable movements
  • Comprehensive lens mapping outputs zoom/focus/iris data to cameras and switchers
  • Rugged, lightweight magnesium housing built for the road
  • Back focus control and macro close-focusing down to 1.8 feet
  • Fast T2.9 maximum aperture for shallow depth of field
  • Meets 4K+ resolution requirements on HD or 4K cameras
  • Ergonomic angled servo control connector for quick lens swaps
  • Compatible with standard camera mounts including B4, EFP and 2/3-inch HD