Fujinon ENG Manual Focus Controls- USED


Fujinon ENG Manual Focus Controls Include

  • FMM-6B
  • Cable
  • CFH-11 with MCA-7
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Fujinon ENG Manual Focus Controls- USED

The FMM-6B Manual Focus Module from Fujinon is a manual focus block designed for use with select Fujinon HDTV ENG/EFP lenses. This module is not compatible with Fujinon HA25, HA36x, HA42 Lenses, which require a different module. The module connects to a cable and grip, not included, and it is designed to give you precision manual focus control.

The Fujinon CFH-11 is a manual focus grip designed to work with the MM-11, MS-11, and MS-11D control kits, in conjunction with the CFC-12-990 flexible cable and FMM manual focus module. The grip provides precision focus control and is useful in a variety of professional broadcast applications, including live event coverage and sports.