EVS XS VIA – Live Video Broadcast Production Server – USED


EVS XT VIA, live video production server at a glance

  • EVS XT VIA v6.30
  • 4ch LSM open config (4 channels HD & FHD 720p, 1080i, 1080p, UHD-4k).
  • Storage on 6 HDD 1.8TB with a recording capacity of up 65 hours in 4K UHD
  • Panel SDI, MADI, DB15 AES.
  • Codec HD, FHD, and UHD4K (ProRes, AVC, XAVC, DNxHD, DNxHR)
  • Upscale 4K on PGM option
  • Proxy H264, XNET VIA, DUAL LSM
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IPDirector 1U High Performance


IPD1-5100S – Live Production Asset Management Suite

  • License, XTAcess, XTA-ADV-OPT, XTA-DEST
  • Content Production Management Suite
  • Production Network Management
  • Ingest Control
  • Metadata Management
  • On-The-Fly Editor
  • Ipedit Real-Time Server-Based Editor


  • Supports a list of 4-channel configurations in HD (720p, 1080i) HR/WCG support with 10 bit codec.
    • Proxy creation for every record channel.
  • Support for Video over IP (10G SFP+) on XS-VIA (IP I/O option required).
  • Support for ST 2110 (-10, -20, -30, –


  • Native Support for VC-3 HD and Avid DNxHD


  • 12G-, 3G- & HD-SDI Video Connectivity for XS-VIA

RCU-XSENSE XSense hardware remote control unit


  • MADI BNC + AES/EBU DB15 Audio Option


  • Bundle includes:
    • IPD1-5100S: 1RU “High Perf.” WS
    • LivePAM Engine (4 IPD/Browse/Link max connected to an IPD w/ LPE lic. For more, dedicated DB server w/ LPE lic. required)
    • IPDIR-ING-GO: IP Ing. Sched.
    • IPDIR-LOG-GO: IP Logger


  • XTAccess 5x concurrent destinations GO license (Rewrap & file transfers with EVS XT/XS Servers & storages – transcoding included).
  • XTAccess destination handles file flow in/out of EVS servers & from Local/NAS/SAN storages (transcoding & media pro


  • Advanced option (GO) for 1 destination of XTA-5DEST-GO license. This option adds the following capabilities to an existing XTAccess DEST license: Clip/File transfer with transcoding to/from EVS Servers & storages, export with trancoding, SDR/HDR & HD


  • Codec bundle for XS-VIA
  • Native Support for – VC-3 HD – Avid DNxHD – Apple ProRes 422 (HQ, SQ & LT) – AVC-Intra HD 100 – XAVC-Intra HD 100


  • 4CH UHD & 1080p Full-HD option for XS-VIA
  • 4-channel 4K UHD and FHD option for XS-VIA
    • Adds support for 4 channels of UHD-4K (Quad-SDI & 12G-SDI).
    • Adds Full-HD capability to the list of HD configurations supported.


  • Native Support for XAVC-Intra UHD 300 & 480