Evertz 7800FR Frame with Multiple Card Options Available- USED

Call for Price

This Evertz unit was pulled from working environment and has been tested for quality assurance. We have several of these Evertz units available with various cards inside. Let us know if you have any questions about our Evertz pieces!
Cards available for configuration include:
  • 7700ADA-AUD
  • 7700ADA6-EQ-L
  • 7700DA7-3G
  • 7700DA7-HD
  • 7700PTX-MVS
  • 7700R-SC-BRC
  • 7707ADVR-HD
  • 7707ADVT13-HD
  • 7707E013-3G
  • 7707GPS-DR13-F2
  • 7721AE-A4
  • 7721AE4-HD
  • 7746FS-EAES8-HD
  • 7800IDA2Q-3G
  • 7821AE8-3G-AESD
  • 7867VIPX-16X2
  • 7700DA-HD
  • 7700DA6-HD-L
  • 7700FC
  • 7707MRA13-HD-W
  • 7711UC-AES4-HD
  • 7714HDC
  • 7800FC
  • 7867VIPA32-DUO-HS-DIN
  • 7867VIPX-32X2 


The award winning Evertz 7800 family of multiframes provide flexibility in the truest form. With simultaneous processing capability of RF, Fiber, ASI, IP, 3G, HD/SD and more, these frames are designed to grow with the rapid changing needs of the facility and are available in a wide variety to defined below.

Standard features of all 7800series multiframes include dual frame genlock providing stable reference signal across the internal bus to all installed modules which minimizes the cost spent on genlock distribution, global frame status alarming to provide quick alert to operations in the event of a failure, and interchangeable modules between all frames (both processing module and companion rear plate).