DiGiCo SD10 Broadcast 36 Fader, with SD I/O Rack – USED

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For video production professionals seeking an advanced and dependable audio console for broadcast applications, the DiGiCo SD10 Broadcast is an excellent choice. This console packs extensive functionality into a compact yet expandable package.

  • DiGiCo SD10 Broadcast
  • SD10 Flight Case
  • SD I/O Rack


Looking for a Powerful Broadcast Audio Console? The DiGiCo SD10 Delivers Flexibility and Reliability

With 44 processing channels at 48kHz/96kHz (the equivalent of 108 channels of full DSP), the SD10 provides ample capacity for complex productions. It offers robust channel processing including delay, compression, equalization, filters and more to shape your sound flawlessly. An impressive 218 Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and DiGiTube emulations ensure pristine audio across all inputs and outputs.

A flexible routing system with 64 auxiliary or group busses simplifies sending signals to multiple destinations. The onboard matrix lets you route any input to any output for quick reconfiguring. Dual solo busses aid monitoring while an LR/LCR/LCRS/5.1 master bus caters to various format needs. Unlike some competitor consoles, you won’t lose any busses when utilizing the matrix.

For control, the SD10 includes 24 gangable graphic EQs, 24 stereo FX engines and 24 VCA groups accessible via snapshots to change settings on the fly. Whether at rehearsal, setup or even mid-show, reconfigure your environment with ease.

On the rear, you’ll find plentiful I/O options – 8 mic/line ins, 8 line outs, 8 AES ins/outs, dual MADI connections and more, all easily expanded using the DiGiCo SD-Rack for up to 56 inputs and 56 outputs.

In summary, with its high channel counts, pristine conversion, flexible routing and snapshot control, the DiGiCo SD10 provides broadcast professionals a feature-rich console that delivers reliable performance show after show. For advanced yet intuitive audio solutions, DiGiCo stands ready to be your knowledgeable partner. Contact our experts today to learn more about how the SD10 can enhance your productions.