Dejero WayPoint 104 Receiver- USED


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The WayPoint 104 receiver reconstructs broadcast-quality video transported over multiple IP connections from Dejero transmitters, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs to SDI or MPEG-TS workflows.

WayPoint 104 has been engineered for broadcast-quality reliability, equipped with dual power supplies and redundant storage hard drives with RAID protection giving you peace of mind.

Decoding up to four simultaneous ingests in a single 1U device, and with multiple output options, you gain flexibility and save valuable rack space in your facility.

Compatible with any Dejero transmitter, WayPoint receivers auto-detect whether the incoming transmission is HEVC (H.265) or AVC (H.264) and decodes accordingly.

IFB & Intercom Support

Communicate with camera operators and talent in the field while in live and stand-by mode with one-way, balanced interruptible foldback (IFB) and two-way, full-duplex voice communication intercom feature.

Save Rack Space

A single device receives and outputs transmissions from up to four different sources simultaneously— optimizing valuable rack space in your facility.

Built-In Redundancy

Engineered for reliability, WayPoint 104 uses industry- proven hot-swappable power supplies and front-access

1 TB hard drives with RAID protection for both power and storage redundancy.

Multiple Output Formats

Supports four outputs to SDI or three SDI and one MPEG-TS over IP playout workflows

High Performance

Quad-core Intel Xeon processor designed for all day, every day reliability

Front Access Storage

Two hot-swappable (front access) 1 TB hard drives with RAID protection

Black Burst & Tri-Sync

Genlock input accepts black burst or tri-sync reference signals for video synchronization

Backwards Compatibility

Fully compatible with all non-HEVC Dejero transmitters

IFB & Intercom

One-way IFB and two-way full-duplex communications (additional hardware required)

Multichannel Audio

Supports 2, 4, or 8 different simultaneous audio outputs

Manage Anywhere

Manage all your receivers and output assignments remotely from any device with a web browser

Software Updates

New and enhanced features and compatibility with new devices is provided with software updates