Blackmagic Design Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader


Blackmagic Design Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader



Blackmagic Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader

The new Cintel Audio and KeyKode reader supports key code reading of both 16 and 35mm tapes directly to DaVinci Resolve. The reader also supports optical reading of the audio while scanning in real time, you get sound when you play the tape.

Capture professional, high quality audio and KeyKode information along with images directly from film with the Cintel Scanner.

Get real time audio while scanning with your Cintel Film Scanner as well as support for Kodak KeyKode and edge numbers with this Audio and KeyKode Reader from Blackmagic Design. This tools helps eliminate the step of separately reading an optical audio track from your 35mm and 16mm film and gives your sound when you play back your tape. Additionally, it helps ensure proper cataloging and preservation with the ability to read KeyKode off the film.