Canon XJ86x9.3B MKII – USED


The Canon XJ86x9.3B MKII can help you get that ideal shot with flexible focal lengths and Canon’s Constant Angle Focusing System.

  • Canon XJ86x9.3B MKII
  • Servo Controls
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The Canon XJ86x9.3B MKII produces high contrast, sharp HD images supported by a range of technological innovations and features. Canon’s advanced lens technology and design ensure the images you capture are of the highest quality.

Sharp imaging even at long distance

The XJ86’s focal length of 9.3mm to 800mm offers you great flexibility in your long-distance shots. And its image stabilizer system vastly reduces shake both at distance and at high speed. The responsiveness of the IS system can be set according to the scenario, with separate vertical and horizontal controls. This all means that you can be confident that your shot will be sharp, whatever the situation.

The lens minimizes focus breathing uses Canon’s 32-bit Constant Angle Focusing System. Meanwhile, 16-bit optical rotary encoders allow you to precisely control zoom and focus, including being able to repeat exactly the settings you choose.