Canon XJ86x13.5 BIE IESD-SB Box Lens, Controls, Sled Support, and Case – USED

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  • Canon XJ86x13.5 BIE IESD-SB Box Lens
  • Controls
  • Sled Support
  • Case
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The DIGISUPER 86II xs & DIGISUPER 86II TELE xs are an extraordinary field lens that utilizes Canon’s new optical design concept “POWER OPTICAL SYSTEM” and ” -Element”. By adopting this new technology and concept, the DIGISUPER 86 xs realizes the necessary optical performance for HDTV, with increased zoom ratio of 86x, improved wide angle of 9.3mm while still maintaining the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenses. Main Features
– Ultra High Zoom ratio 86x
– Ultra Telephoto 2322mm with 2x Ext.
– X-Element & Power Optical System
– Optical Shift Image Stabilizer
– CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)