Canon SUP-NS3 S Sled (Lens Support) – USED


Ensure rock-solid stability for your broadcast or studio camera and large lens with the Canon SUP-NS3 S – a robust lens support system designed for smooth operation and optimal control.

  • Canon SUP-NS3 S
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Effortless Support for Your Heavy-Duty Lenses

Unwavering Stability & Precise Control

The SUP-NS3 S securely attaches to a standard tripod plate, providing a stable foundation for your camera and lens combination. Mounting your lens is a breeze thanks to the convenient V-wedge plate system, ensuring a secure and balanced setup.

The integrated Camera Adjusting Unit takes control to the next level. This feature allows for precise height adjustments, fine-tuned to perfectly match your center of gravity and shooting requirements. A secure locking lever ensures your camera remains firmly in place, even during demanding productions.

Elevate your broadcast or studio productions with the stability and control of the Canon SUP-NS3 S. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today and explore how this robust lens support system can empower your team!