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Bring your audio to the next level with the Calrec Summa console


For video production professionals seeking the pinnacle of audio quality and control, look no further than the Calrec Summa audio console. As the flagship product from the pioneers in broadcast audio, the Summa represents the leading edge in digital mixing technology, giving you the tools to craft truly immersive soundscapes that will transport viewers right into the heart of the action.

With an impressive 56 dual-layer faders and a massive 84 x 84 channel count, the Summa provides the flexibility you need for even the most complex live broadcasts and productions. The console’s uncluttered control surface keeps you focused on the mix, while its intelligent button layout and color LCD screens give you quick access to essential functions and parameters. Summa’s acclaimed Hydra2 audio routing capabilities allow you to distribute your mix across multiple I/O boxes, enabling easy scalability from smaller configurations up to massive routing capabilities.

At the core of the Summa’s pristine sound quality is Calrec’s renowned FPGA technology. The powerful Field Programmable Gate Array faithfully reproduces every subtlety and nuance in your audio sources, giving you a pure, natural listening experience. Digital processing is key for maintaining consistency from input to output, with up to 8,192 x 8,192 channels of non-contending stereo HD/3G/QSFP connectivity available for massive I/O that can handle the most demanding productions. To complement this powerful audio engine, the Summa interface is meticulously engineered for precision and control; smooth, premium-quality faders and rock-solid monitoring capabilities allow you to make moves with confidence.

Ease of operation was central to the Summa design. The intuitive 15.6” HD touchscreen interface provides quick access to key parameters and menus. Customizable channels strips speed up your workflow. And for live broadcast, the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) input/output graphical patching gives you at-a-glance visibility. The Summa surface is expertly laid out to streamline complex tasks and allow operators to react and adapt on the fly. With extensive routing and processing capabilities on hand, the Summa puts creative freedom and sonic excellence right at your fingertips.

Calrec’s impeccable reputation was earned through decades of experience crafting consoles for world-class broadcasters and top networks. The Summa integrates that expertise in a forward-thinking design optimized for how audio professionals work today. Whether in fast-paced live TV settings or intricately detailed post-production, the Summa provides the rock-solid reliability and brilliant sound quality that Calrec is known for.

For over six decades, Calrec has been synonymous with auditory excellence. The Summa slots in beautifully with Allied Broadcast Group’s premium lineup of professional video gear and solutions. When audio clarity, precision control, and high-end functionality matter for your premium broadcast and video production projects, the Calrec Summa is the clear choice.

Discover what the Summa can do for your audio workflow. Contact the experts at Allied Broadcast Group today to learn more about the Summa’s capabilities or discuss which configuration would best suit your needs. An expansive range of console sizes, I/O options, and customized accessories are available to create your ideal mixing solution. The gold standard in broadcast audio awaits – elevate your productions with the Calrec Summa!