Calrec Artemis Lite Console – USED

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Experience Next-Level Audio with the Calrec Artemis Lite Console


For video professionals seeking uncompromising audio quality and streamlined workflow in a compact package, look no further than the Calrec Artemis Lite console. As leaders in broadcast audio for over 50 years, Calrec brings their pedigree of sound excellence to the Artemis Lite, packing powerful features into a lightweight 2U form factor.

With up to 64 input channels and 40 outputs, the Artemis Lite provides ample capacity for sophisticated audio production. It utilizes Calrec’s unrivaled Hydra2 interconnect to integrate seamlessly with routers, networks, and other equipment. This modularity and scalability allow you to start small with Artemis Lite and expand capabilities down the road.

At the core of the console is an intuitive touchscreen interface and assignable faders, offering fast, flexible control over your mix. The interface is fully customizable, allowing operators to optimize the layout for their workflow. Settings, cues, and presets can be easily saved and recalled, enabling consistent results on repetitive projects.

To ensure pristine sonic performance, Artemis Lite leverages Calrec’s renowned FPGA architecture. The powerful processing provides immaculate frequency response, high headroom, and exceptional depth and imaging in the stereo field. Even at 48kHz operation, audio retains remarkable clarity with authoritative lows and shimmering highs.

Calrec’s acclaimed Bluefin2 technology brings powerful dynamics, filtering, and effects to Artemis Lite. Craft your sound with intuitive tools like the 4-band parametric EQ, compressor/limiter, delay, and other processors on each channel strip. Balance and polish your mix to perfection while monitoring with incredible accuracy.

Built-in Hydra2 interfaces enable easy expansion with I/O resources like the Calrec H2O analog/digital stagebox. For ultimate flexibility, integrate over MADI, AES3, or analog connections to suite your studio infrastructure.

The console surface features illuminated cue information, spill-resistant imagineers, and premium tactile controls. It provides optimal visibility and feedback for operators while retaining a slim footprint.

Additionally, the Artemis Lite integrates tightly with Calrec’s Assist software, which enables remote adjustment of console settings as well as in-depth diagnostics. With a compatible touch device, engineers can tweak parameters like HPFs, aux sends, and more from anywhere. Assist also facilitates easy console updates and online technical support.

Investing in an Artemis Lite brings the trusted Calrec sound into an accessible, all-in-one mixing solution. Whether you need a flexible broadcast desk or premium mix engine for your truck, Artemis Lite provides sophistication and quality far beyond its compact form. Equip your studio with this powerful tabletop console and experience the pinnacle of audio control.