Why Used Broadcast Gear is a Smart Investment for Live Event Broadcasters

For live event production companies looking to upgrade their equipment, purchasing used broadcast gear represents an excellent value over buying new. While new gear often provides the latest features and technology, used equipment offers major advantages that can benefit any size video production business. Here’s why thrifting your next camera, switcher, or other broadcast gear is a savvy move.

Save Substantially on Costs

The biggest reason used gear makes sense is the dramatic cost savings—often 40% to 60% off buying brand new. For a small company buying their first multi-camera production truck, sticking to used gear can help a startup get fully outfitted for a fraction of the price. The same goes when adding capabilities like instant replay servers, graphics systems, or larger switchers to expand an already existing setup.

While you may not get cutting-edge tech, one can still acquire gear that matches current industry standards. Used equipment in good working order delivers professional-grade quality and reliability at an affordable price point. This leaves budget to invest in other areas like production trailers to add an on-the-go dimension to your capabilities.

Low-Risk Way to Upgrade Capabilities

Adding new capabilities is a calculated risk—will the equipment deliver ROI and be utilized enough to warrant the expense? Used gear allows expanding equipment arsenals and production features at a much lower-risk investment.

For example, you can test run an investment like a multichannel intercom matrix or IP-based video router without sinking as much capital. If it turns out the gear doesn’t get used as expected, you can resell without taking a huge loss. Keep in mind, even if you do not purchase your gear from Allied Broadcast Group we will still help you with reselling.

Wide Selection of Quality Brands

Major broadcast brands like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Ross, Evertz, Canon, EVS, Cartoni, NewTek, RED, Blackmagic, Grass Valley, and many more are all available used at Allied Broadcast Group. This makes it easy to stick with brands you know and trust while getting gear that matches existing systems and workflows.

While off-brand gear can present interoperability issues, used market-leading equipment integrates reliably into production pipelines and facilities. And reputable used dealers, such as Allied Broadcast Group, thoroughly inspect and test equipment before reselling.

Sustainable Way to Acquire Gear

The used market supports the video production industry’s shift toward more sustainable, eco-friendly business practices. Instead of gear getting trashed or sitting idle, the used market keeps equipment in circulation to maximize usefulness. This approach benefits the environment and industry.

It also helps smaller productions afford gear that is otherwise out of reach. Bigger networks, studios, and mobile truck companies regularly trade in equipment after just a few years to stay on the cutting edge. This trickle-down effect lets growing event shooters buy gear with plenty of useful life at reasonable used prices.

Allied Broadcast Group is always available to help with your company’s needs whether it is buying or selling your used equipment.

Take Advantage of Warranties

A major concern with used gear is technical issues or failures down the road. But most used equipment comes with short-term warranties—usually between 30 to 90 days. This guarantees that any existing problems will present themselves quickly and gives time to get covered repairs.

For extra peace of mind, extended warranties are also available from third parties. When making a major used gear purchase, look at warranty options to get coverage similar to buying new.

Test Gear Before Buying

Any reputable used video equipment dealer will allow you to thoroughly test gear on site before purchasing. Be sure to arrange a demo to put the equipment through its paces and confirm functionality. Hands-on testing also lets you inspect cosmetic condition and ask questions of knowledgeable sales staff. If you’re in the Tulsa area, we can set up an in-person inspection of the gear. If you’re outside of the Tulsa area, talk to your sales representative about the equipment inspection period.

If possible, test equipment with your actual cameras, cables, and other gear. This verifies interoperability and compatibility with your specific workflow and reveals any issues.

Tap Into Expert Savings

Shopping the used market allows relying on the expertise of equipment resellers who know gear value inside out. Allied Broadcast Group constantly buys, sells, and trades-in equipment, so they are very savvy on realistic pricing. This saves you time and research.

It also means the price you negotiate, or even pay outright, aligns with true market value. Their market knowledge ensures you don’t overpay.

While used gear takes more research than buying new, it unlocks huge savings for budget-conscious live event shooters. Implementing a smart used gear acquisition strategy will help your company afford the equipment needed to drive growth and expand production capabilities. The key is finding a trusted used dealer partner that provides quality inspected gear, fair pricing, and helpful service. Call Allied Broadcast Gear today and put us to the test!

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