Used Studio Gear | Canon J33a x11B

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Are you looking for a specific piece of used studio gear? Are you tired of endlessly searching through Google trying to find gear? Are you ready to find your one-stop-shop for all of your video equipment? If you answered yes or this this sounds like something you do then you’re in luck! Allied Broadcast Group is a small new and used broadcast equipment dealer right here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We has a wide variety of products that will fit your every need. Give us a call today at 918-250-5353 and talk with one of our sales associate about your broadcast needs.


When you do give us a call you will reach one of our friendly sales associates. Unlike a big corporation, we have a small staff of salesmen who are always willing and eager to take your call. We have been applauded over the years for our excellent customer service. This doesn’t stop with our sales associates but continues with our office staff as well. Our whole business is based on the principle that we have the tool (video equipment) to fit your every “job”. If we don’t have the tool in stock, we will ward hard to get it for you in a timely manner. If you want to hear more of what people have to say about us visit our Facebook page or look at our google reviews.


On the list of our used studio gear is the Canon J33a x11B lens. We currently have four of these in stock in different configurations. One way to purchase the Canon J33 is the lens only. Another possibility is getting the lens with servo or semi servo controls. You could also purchase the lens by itself or with any additional accessories besides the controls to go with it. We have cases that can also be added to the purchase of any lens. For us, it isn’t about the end dollar amount, but getting our customers the exact equipment in any variations that you need.


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably still not sure what sets us apart from the rest of the competition. As mentioned above, we not only sell used equipment but new gear as well. If you check out our website you will see that we are a dealer for many big brand names in the broadcast industry by clicking “shop by vendor”. This will pull up a list of all our suppliers who we can get brand new equipment from. We also understand that buying the latest gear might not always be within your price range. That’s why we sell more used gear than anything else.


Allied Broadcast Group is your one-stop-shop for new and used studio gear. We have some of the best employees working for us who are also always willing to work with you on any project. Showcasing one specific piece of gear is where the Canon J33 comes into play. This comes in all different variations like most of our other used lenses/gear. Don’t wait any longer to call today or visit our website at!

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