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Are you looking for new or used tripods? Has your search this far been disappointing? Are you getting frustrated because you can’t find what you’re looking for? Here at Allied Broadcast Group, we sell new and used broadcast equipment. We specialize in cameras, camera accessories, lenses, camera support, production equipment, production trucks, and much more. We always have a mix of broadcast inventory on hand at all times and this is where our company comes into play. Call a salesman today at 918-250-5353 and check out our website at!


The customer service at Allied is excellent. One thing that makes us unique is the fact that when you call one of our sales staff they will go above and beyond for what you’re wanting. If you’re looking for specific tripods that we might not have in stock, they will work with you and do outside research to find you the ones that you need. This is one quality that really sets Allied apart from other businesses like ours. We hold ourselves and our customers to another standard that no one has been able to compete with. Our ultimate goal is to always make the customer happy.


Allied has three main ways to doing business; we will buy your gear outright, we can broker it for you, or we can consign the piece of equipment. All three options have their specific pros and cons. Our sales staff will explain these three options and help you decide which is best for the equipment that you have. These options also set us apart from other new and used broadcast equipment dealers. Allied is a unique business in what we do and how we operate. In the end we are here to help you get the gear you want and get rid of the gear you do not want.


One thing we really pride ourselves on here is having excellent customer service and we have reasonable pricing. If you happen to find another business with a product exactly like our at a cheaper price, you can always trust that we will work with you to get it in your price range. We understand that new broadcast equipment is expensive. That’s why we are always willing to negotiate and won’t hesitate to explain why we can or can not budge on the price. We have great reviews on our google business listing and our FaceBook page so check those out!


If you’re looking for new and used broadcast equipment Allied Broadcast Group is your place to shop! We have gear ranging from cameras and tripods to production equipment and live production trucks. We normally have inventory of a mix of these products at our office. If we don’t our staff will find whatever piece we don’t have and get it to you. Our customer service is something that sets us apart from other new and used broadcast equipment dealers. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the right tool to get whatever job you’re working on done. Check us out on social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also be sure to take a peek at our website which can be found at!


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