Vinten Vision 8AS Fluid Tripod Head- NEW


  • 100mm Ball base head
  • 1 fixed pan bar
  • Camera plate
  • Bowl clamp
  • 12.1 – 30.9 lb (5.5 – 14 kg) payload

Product code V4045-0001


The Vinten V4045-0001 Vision 8AS Fluid Head is for shoulder mount camcorders up to 30.8 lb. This 100mm ball base fluid head offers an illuminated level, a side-load system for attachment, and LF drag control for a professional Vinten feel.

Black Color

The Vision 8AS offers a modern black color for those who want to change from Vinten’s traditional white equipment.


Perfect balance can be achieved with the 8AS because of an infinitely adjustable counterbalance.

Bubble Level

The blue illuminated bubble level is aesthetically pleasing and easy to see in many lighting situations.

Drag Control

LF Drag controls are numerically calibrated and feature a smooth professional feel.