Vinten V8AS-AP2M Tripod System- NEW


  • Vision 8AS (V4045-0001)
  • 2-stage aluminium Pozi-Loc tripod (3821-3)
  • Mid-level spreader Spread-Loc incl. feet (3781-3)
  • Soft case (3358-3)
  • 12.1 – 30.9 lb (5.5 – 14 kg) payload
  • Stock photos used for reference only

Product code- V8AS-AP2M


Vinten V8AS-AP2M System (V8ASAP2M) includes Vision 8AS Head (V4045-0001), Two-Stage Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod (3821-3), Spread-Loc (3781-3) & Soft Case (3358-3) . Vinten Vision 8AS (V4045-0001)
The Vision 8AS incorporates many unique features and design improvements which have been developed in direct response to customer feedback. Improved access to controls, rapid camera attachment using the new Vinten Side load system and simple, durable brakes are all designed to cope with the demads of professional operation.

The Vision 8AS is available in a number of different system combinations that have been developed for professionals using the latest portable digital camera configurations.

Two-Stage ENG (100mm Bowl) Aluminium Pozi-Loc Tripod – Black (3821-3)
This tripod is designed to support Vinten heads with a 100 mm ball base. The two-stage aluminium legs provide a wide height range and incorporate Pozi-Loc clamps for quick and easy operation. Like all Vinten tripods it is precisely manufactured using the highest quality materials and designed to optimise torsional rigidity, ensuring smooth camera movment.