Vinten SP2000/X-Y AutoCam Robotic Pedestal & HS2010 Head System – USED

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This Vinten SP2000/X-Y AutoCam Robotic Pedestal & HS2010 Head System is in great condition. It has been professionally used and maintained.

  • (3) Vinten SP2000/X-Y AutoCam Robotic Pedestal & HS2010 Head System
  • (3) Vinten Autocam SP2000PS Rack Mount Power Supply w/ (3) 50ft & (3) 10ft power data cables
  • (1) Vinten – AutoCam 105PS Power Supply (no cables)
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SP-2000/X-Y AutoCam Robotic Pedestal

The SP-2000/X-Y is a freely navigating XY servo pedestal designed to operate with the HS-2010 series of pan/tilt heads to support full facility CCD studio or portable cameras with lens, viewfinder and teleprompter. The maximum payload capacity including the pan/tilt head is 320 lbs (145 kg). The SP-2000/X-Y base has specially designed servos with a proprietary guidance and position sensing system which produces a very high degree of accuracy. Since the system does not use a closed loop reference, the SP-2000/X-Y avoids the need for constant visibility of the reference target during use. Once the target coordinates have been loaded into the system, the pedestal will operate with unparalleled accuracy for extended periods without needing to verify its position with external sources. An exclusive split wheel design ensures that the pedestal has a very low cumulative error and will maintain its accuracy beyond the length of any expected production.

HS-2010 Remote Pan & Tilt Heads

The HS-2010 remote pan & tilt heads are designed to support the latest digital studio or portable cameras together with any combination of lens, viewfinder or teleprompter maximum payload of 54.4kg / 120lbs for the RED head. An electronic drag system is included in both the pan and tilt axes of the two heads, providing smooth and continuously variable drag over a wide range. Specifically designed for dual remote or manual operation, the HS-2010 heads give excellent performance in either mode. An extremely rigid mechanical design and high precision servo technology ensures that the HS-2010 heads provide broadcast quality smooth movement at all times, whilst still achieving excellent acceleration. Responsive performance is combined with low maintenance and maximum reliability across the entire range of AutoCamTM robotic pan & tilt heads.