Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal 3329- USED

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This Osprey Pedestal is used but in good condition. Has signs of wear and tear. Missing 2 of the arms connected to the base.

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The pedestal has a central two-stage telescopic column, supported on a skid assembly with steered wheels. To facilitate transport, the steering ring may be removed, the telescopic column and skid separated and the skid folded. The widest variety of shots is possible with the adjustable elevation and height range options in the Osprey series. Combined with prompter mounting hardware and Vinten fluid heads, Osprey pedestals match the eyeline of on-screen presenters from the lowest height percentile to the highest, and from seated to standing – even at close range. Smooth precision movements and accurate direction changes with payloads up to 80 kg / 176 lb allows camera operators freedom to frame the shot and put the viewer in the action.