Vinten 3381 ProPed Pedestal with Vinten Head – USED


Achieve professional, flawless footage with the Vinten ProPed pedestal and Vinten head system. This gold standard camera support provides unmatched stability and silky smooth motion to elevate any video production. The lightweight yet robust pedestal allows vibration-free pans and tilts. While the perfect balance technology in the Vinten head enables precise counterbalancing for absolute camera control. Engineered for robustness and reliability, this system meets the demands of high-end broadcast equipment. Take your corporate, documentary, and commercial shoots to the next level with the smooth, stable footage only possible with the Vinten ProPed pedestal and fluid head system.

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Looking to take your video productions to new heights of professionalism and polish? The Vinten 3381 ProPed pedestal with Vinten head is the gold standard camera support system designed to elevate your footage and streamline your shoots.

Built on Vinten’s renowned engineering heritage, the ProPed pedestal provides an exceptionally rigid, vibration-free camera platform to enable super-smooth camera moves. Its die-cast aluminum construction is lightweight yet able to handle substantial camera payloads with ease. The adjustable height ranges from 26.8 to 72.8 inches to adapt to any production, while the high-performance steer and slew drag control systems allow you to pan and tilt with buttery-smooth precision.

The Vinten  heads mate perfectly with the pedestal to deliver the pinnacle of stability and control. The fluid drag system ensures consistent resistance whether you’re executing slow, creeping pans or rapid whip pans.

Capable of supporting heavy box-style lenses and cameras used in studio and field productions, this pedestal/head system provides the robustness, elegance of movement, and reliability expected from high-end broadcast equipment. And with a range of ME accessories and cinemounts, you can customize and expand the system to suit your workflow.

When flawless stability, silky-smooth camera motion, and professional image quality are musts for your corporate videos, documentaries, TV commercials, and other projects, the Vinten ProPed pedestal and fluid head system will meet and exceed your needs. So why settle for less than the best? Contact our team today to discuss how this revolutionary camera support solution can take your productions to the next level!