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Utah Scientific 400 Series 3G/HD/SD Router 288×288 – an innovative routing solution that streamlines signal distribution while maintaining the uncompromised quality that today’s media operations demand.

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Built for Reliability From The Inside Out

At the core of the Utah Scientific 400 Router is an architecture engineered for unmatched reliability and flexibility no matter the application – from master control systems to centralized signal processing. The frame features dual crosspoint cards for redundancy and protection against single-point failures, ensuring your content flows smoothly and uninterrupted to air. The completely modular design allows seamless expansion when your routing needs grow. Utah Scientific has the largest range of I/O configurations in the industry, so you can customize the perfect Utah Scientific routing solution as your operations scale up.

Intuitive Control – Where and When You Need It

The Utah Scientific 400 Router puts intuitive control readily at your fingertips no matter where operations personnel may be located. The innovative wingman control panels are ergonomically designed for ultra-fast source selection. The router’s browser-based GUI enables point-and-click control from anywhere with network access. Tablet-based apps allow for quick configuration and virtual panels. And with API support, the Utah Scientific 400 Router integrates tightly with popular third-party control options. Whether working behind the scenes or on the go, you’ll enjoy the most flexible levels of control to match today’s media environments.

Keep Your Eyes on the Content

With support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI formats and both analog and AES digital audio, the Utah Scientific 400 Router provides a future-ready foundation capable of handling the most demanding broadcast requirements as standards evolve. The video processing engine delivers pristine image quality with crosspoints that eliminate unnecessary analog-to-digital conversions. With clean switching and no drift, what flows in comes out with complete integrity. The audio processor maintains phase alignment and manages audio gain, so every channel hits the mark. In today’s competitive broadcast landscape, content is king – and with the Utah Scientific 400 Router, your programming will shine through unimpeded.

Simplify Your Facility – and Your Life

Utah Scientific delivers more than just leading-edge routing technology. We provide complete solutions that simplify your technical operations and give you more time to focus on creating captivating content. With the 400 Series Router, Utah Scientific includes its powerful router control software along with a range of tools for monitoring and management. Interface remotely to configure I/O, build crosspoints, perform system diagnostics and more. Built-in SNMP and logging offer robust monitoring and alerts. Power supplies are hot swappable for easy maintenance. With the Utah Scientific 400 Router, we handle the technology so you can devote your best energy to the art of broadcast programming.

The Intelligent Choice

With uncompromising reliability, flexible control options, pristine broadcast quality and forward-looking support, the Utah Scientific 400 Series 3G/HD/SD Router intelligently addresses the real-world needs of today’s media facilities. Contact our knowledgeable team today to discuss how the Utah Scientific 400 Router can cost-effectively streamline your routing operations while delivering the quality viewers expect. Discover for yourself how this innovative platform provides an ideal intersection of robust technology and simplicity.

Cards Inside:

UT400 3G VI
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UT400 3G VO
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QTY: 36
UT400 Video 288 Redundant Input Crosspoint Carrier
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Qty: 2
UT400 288R Voltage Converter
Rev A-4
QTY: 4