Sony HXC-FB80 Camera Chain(s) – Used

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Look no further than this excellent deal on Sony HXC-FB80 camera chains. That’s right: chains! We have a package of six of these Sony HXC-FB80’s. The package can be broken up if needed, but you know you want all six!

  • HXC-FB80L (2 available)
  • RCP-1500 (2 available)
  • HXCU-FB80L (2 available)
  • HDVF-L750 (2 Available)
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For the professional seeking unparalleled image quality, versatility, and performance, look no further than the Sony HXC-FB80 camera chain set of six. This complete camera ecosystem delivers the tools needed to capture stunning 4K-ready content on diverse productions.

At the core of this package are six Sony HXC-FB80 compact and lightweight cameras, each integrating three premium Sony Exmor CMOS sensors that enable pristine 1080p60 video across a variety of shooting conditions. The advanced sensors provide excellent sensitivity, low noise, and a wide dynamic range for incredible images with refined textures, natural color reproduction, and reduced artifacts. Broadcast-style features like advanced auto focus, built-in ND filters, and simultaneous streaming and recording capabilities make the HXC-FB80 perfect for live events and field productions where flexibility is required.

To maximize the quality of your productions, the HXC-FB80 set includes the HXCU-FB80 control unit for full CCU control and 4K upscaling. This allows you to monitor, color correct, and process images through the control unit before outputting gorgeous 4K video from your 1080p sources. A Neutrik/Lemo optical connector ensures robust transmission for flexible set ups.

Whether you need to outfit a multi-camera broadcast studio, stream live performances, or capture corporate events and weddings, the HXC-FB80 delivers the functionality needed. Its compact form factor allows you to discretely place cameras for intimate shoots while also rigging up to six cameras for dynamic angles at large venues. The cameras’ versatility empowers creativity no matter the production.

Experience the same refined imaging Hollywood relies on for blockbuster films with the convenience and controls of a broadcast camera. The HXC-FB80 package brings sophisticated Sony technology within reach to take your video productions to the next level. Contact our experts today to learn more about equipping your studio with these cutting-edge cameras. Superior images are within reach.