Sony HXC-FB80 Camera Chain – USED


Looking for a Reliable HD Studio Camera? The Sony HXC-FB80 Delivers Professional-Grade Performance! With its three 2/3″ Exmor CMOS sensors, the HXC-FB80 records crisp 1080p video at up to 60fps. When combined with Sony’s optional HXCU-FB80 camera control unit, this camera system unlocks advanced features like HDR imaging and 4K upscaling. The HXCU-FB80 integration allows for nuanced HLG HDR captures, expanding your dynamic range significantly. Plus, the 4K upscaling enables flexible 4K UHD workflows while shooting HD.


  • Sony HXC-FB80 Camera Head
  • Sony HXCU-FB80 Fiber CCU

Optional Upgrades:

  • Sony HDVF-L770
  • Sony HDVF-L10
  • Sony RCP-3500
  • Sony VFH-790

Three chains available!


We appreciate how the HXC-FB80 simplifies multi-camera productions. Using Sony’s optional remote camera control software, you can adjust up to five HXC-FB80 cameras simultaneously, with full access to paint settings. This multicamera control saves valuable time during live events.

With its Neutrik optical connector, the HXC-FB80 seamlessly fits into most professional video workflows. You have the flexibility to use single- or hybrid-fiber cable solutions based on your needs. We also like how sensitive the HXC-FB80 sensors are, capturing vivid colors and textures when shooting concerts, game shows, sports, and more.

At Allied Broadcast Group, our goal is to connect video professionals with the right gear for their productions. With excellent sensitivity, flexible multicamera control, and integration with Sony’s CCU, the HXC-FB80 is an ideal choice for broadcast-quality HD footage. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more or get a quote on the Sony HXC-FB80 and other professional video solutions.