Sony HSC-300 Camera Chains – USED


Capture Superior Imagery with the Sony HSC-300 Triax Camera System:

  • Sony HSC-300 Triax Camera Head
  • Sony HSCU-300 Triax CCU
  • Sony RCP-750 Remote Control Panel

Also available in limited quantities (call for pricing):

  • MSU-950 Master Setup Unit
  • CNU-500 Camera Command Network Unit
  • HDLA-1505 Large Lens Adapter
  • VCS-700 Video Selector


Looking for a high-quality, reliable triax camera system for your live event productions? The Sony HSC-300 triax camera chain delivers superb broadcast imagery and advanced connectivity in a durable package designed for a wide range of applications from news and sports to houses of worship.

At the heart of the system lies the HSC-300 camera head which harnesses cutting-edge digital triax technology and integrated 14-bit A/D conversion for pristine video quality. With its three premium 2/3″ CCD sensors, the HSC-300 produces rich, vibrant colors and exceptional low light performance up to F11 sensitivity. The camera’s sophisticated processing reproduces fine detail and subtle tonal gradations faithfully for beautifully cinematic results.

The HSC-300 comes equipped with a wide-band downconverter to output stellar quality SD video alongside sharp HD. This makes the camera highly versatile for mixed SDI and triax workflows. The unit also contains integrated ND and CC filters to maintain optimal exposure and accurate colors in changing conditions.

Paired with the HSCU-300 camera control unit and RCP-750 remote control panel, the HSC-300 provides extensive control and configuration options in an intuitive package. Users can fine-tune parameters like gamma curves, detail enhancement, and knee points while accessing advanced features such as variable speed recording. The system integrates seamlessly with large-scale live productions using CCU networking.

Known for unparalleled image fidelity and rugged dependability, Sony HSC triax cameras have been the choice of top broadcasters and AV professionals for decades. This Sony HSC-300 model continues that heritage with cutting-edge functionality enclosed in a highly durable, field-ready body.

Whether for unpredictable breaking news in the studio or your house of worship’s weekly sermons, the HSC-300 triax system delivers incredible performance and reliability. Experience the superlative imagery that’s made Sony a leader in live production.

Our HSC-300 packages come complete with the HSC-300 camera head, HSCU-300 CCU, and RCP-750 remote panel so you have an end-to-end broadcast chain right out of the box.  These camera chains are in excellent condition and have been used exclusively in a house of worship setting. Additional accessories like viewfinders, setup units, and CCU networking hardware also available. As an authorized Sony reseller with decades of industry experience, we offer competitive pricing and global delivery.

Trust us for all your professional video equipment needs. Discover the exceptional quality of the Sony HSC-300 triax camera system today.