Sony Triax Camera Package with Fischer Connections and Base Station- USED

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These Sony HSC-100R cameras are in great shape and were pulled from a working environment. These cameras are Triax but have Fischer connections. Contact us today for more details on these Sony Triax  cameras!
What’s available:
  • 1x Sony HSC-100R Triax Camera Body
  • 1x Sony HXCU-300 Base station
  • 3x Sony HXC-100 Triax Camera Body
  • 3x Sony HXCU-100 Base station
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Excellent picture quality for High Definition production over digital triax

The HSC-100R incorporates digital triax technology and is equipped with sophisticated 16-bit A/D conversion circuitry as well as superb three 2/3-inch CCDs to bring out a high level of picture quality over conventional digital triax infrastructures. The camera also has a built-in high-quality down-convertor for superior SD images, as standard.

Optical Low Pass Filter for HDC/HSC Series Cameras

In cases where an HDC/HSC Series camera’s built-in electrical LED Wall Filter does not fully reduce the moiré caused by some LED walls, the optional Optical Low Pass Filter (OLP) will help further reduce the moire effect.

This product contains pre-installed software and requires the purchase of license keys to activate some functions.

High-quality 16-bit A/D conversion and DSP LSI

The HSC Series camera incorporates a high-performance 16-bit A/D converter with the latest technologies that enables captured images to be processed with maximum precision. Also, the Auto Lens Aberration Compensation function can optimize lens performance to provide stunning picture quality.

Sophisticated 2/3-inch CCDs

The HSC Series camera is equipped with field-proven 2/3-inch type full-resolution 1920 x 1080 CCDs. Due to Sony’s advanced sensor technologies, the CCD imager offers a high sensitivity of F10 for 59.94 Hz and F11 for 50 Hz with a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of -60 dB (HD) for high-quality pictures in all kinds of demanding shooting environments.

The HSC-100R utilizes a very high-quality digital triax system that expands its operability in field applications, as well as for studio production. This digital triax system can be integrated into conventional triax-based infrastructures, enabling an easy upgrade from existing systems. The latest digital triax transmission system offers long cable runs of up to 1200 m via ø14.5 mm cable between the camera and the HSCU-300R.

* The maximum cable length depends on the camera system configuration, lens type, and the number of cable connections.