Sony HDVF-C730W

  • Sun Hood
  • Cable
  • Excellent Working Condition


Sony HDVF-C730W

Sony HDVF-C730W//K (HDVF-C730W) 6.3inch Colour TFT LCD HD Viewfinder for HDC-1000 and HDC-1500 cameras. 6″ diagonal colour LCD viewfinder, for use with HDC-1500 and HDC-3300 familt HD cameras.

Applicable Models
HDC-1000 HD Camera
HDC-1550 HD Camera
HDC-3300 HD Camera
HDC-1500 HD Camera

The HDVF-C730W HD Electronic Viewfinder is a 6.5- type color viewfinder for use with a Sony high-definition color camera.
This viewfinder has the following features:

Compact and lightweight

The viewfinder uses an LCD panel, making it more compact in size and lighter in weight as compared with a CRT viewfinder that has a display of the same size.

In addition to the 60i format, formats such as 24PsF and 50i are supported for control signals from the camera.
High resolution
The high-resolution LCD panel of the viewfinder provides 500 or more lines of horizontal resolution.
Stable picture
The LCD panel provides a stable image without distortion, regardless of screen brightness.
Step-variable peaking
Step-variable peaking circuits provide a sharp image, making it easy to focus the camera.
Tally lamps
The viewfinder has red and green tally lamps which light in response to tally signals.
Superior usability
The height can be set to one of three positions. It can be tilted up to 90º upwards or 90º downwards, and can be panned up to 90º leftwards or 90º rightwards.
Drip-proof construction
The drip-proof design is able to withstand light rain, making the viewfinder well suited to outdoor use.


Compatible with all Sony HD portable cameras
For use with the HDC1500, HDC1550 and HDC-3300 portable cameras.

  • High Quality 6.3-inch TFT LCD Panel
  • Compact Design
  • Very Low Power Consumption
Power Supply DC 10.5 to 17.0V (supplied by the camera)
Power Consumption 14W
Operating Temperature 0C to 45C (32F to 113F)
Storage Temperature -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
Mass 2.2kg (4lb 13oz) not including hood
Type 6.3-inch type colour TFT
Image display area dimensions 129 x 73mm (5 x 2 7/8 inches) (16:9 ratio)
Brightness 230 cd/m2
Resolution 500 or more lines
Supported Formats Effective scanning lines/Format/Horizontal scanning frequency/Vertical scanning frequency
1080/23.98PsF/26.97 kHz/47.95Hz
1080/24PsF/27 kHz/48 Hz
1080/25PsF/28.13 kHz/50 Hz
1080/29.97PsF/33.72 kHz/59.94 Hz
1080/30PsF/33.75 kHz/60 Hz
1080/50i/28.13 kHz/50 Hz
1080/59.94i/33.72 kHz/59.94 Hz
1080/60i/33.75 kHz/60 Hz
Colour Temperature 6500K
Input Signals Pb, Pr:0.7 Vp-p, asynchronous, 75 ohm terminated
Y:1.0 Vp-p, synchronous, 75 ohm terminated
Camera Connector Round type 20-pin