Sony HDC-3500 – NEW in box


Unleash Your Creative Potential with the Sony HDC-3500!

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  • Sony RCP-3500
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  • Sony HDVF-L750
  • Sony VCT-14
  • Sony HZCU-UHD35
  • Sony HZC-PRV50


At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the importance of having the right tools for capturing your creative vision. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the pioneering new Sony HDC-3500 camera—an innovative powerhouse that will revolutionize your high-end video production.

As Sony’s next-generation flagship 4K live camera system, the HDC-3500 represents a giant leap forward for live broadcasting across sports, events, cinema, and more. Building on the unmatched quality of previous HDC models, the 3500 takes image clarity to new heights with a breakthrough new CMOS image sensor. Delivering impressive low light performance, reduced noise and incredibly lifelike High Dynamic Range (HDR), this sensor lets you capture stunning 4K images even under challenging conditions.

The creative possibilities are endless thanks to an all-new imaging architecture that provides more flexible and versatile production options. Dual-lens operation allows you to use an alternative lens adapter or wide-angle configuration, while the dockable extension adapter results in easy on-site reconfiguration and provides seamless connectivity for peripheral systems like wireless modules or robotic accessories. And if you need to upgrade formats in the future, the HDC-3500 makes it effortless with built-in 8K operation.

Designed for the realities of field production, the rugged magnesium alloy body can withstand demanding environments. Meanwhile, advanced energy-saving technologies and enhanced cooling effectiveness result in long runtimes on a single battery charge—crucial for events and remote broadcasts. Despite all this power, the flexible system weighs under 6kg for true handheld mobility.

Optimized for live operation, the intuitive new control layout puts essential controls at your fingertips including zoom, focus and paint functions. The logical menu structure also makes system configuration simple even for first-time users. And drawing on Sony’s other cutting-edge technologies, native IP interface support allows uncompressed 4K transmission over IP networks. The HDC-3500 is also fully compatible with industry standard 12G-SDI interfaces.

As your trusted partner, we know how critical selecting the right gear is for achieving your creative and business goals. We’re ready to support your technology needs from purchase to set-up to questions after the sale. Take your video productions to the next level with the game-changing Sony HCD-3500—exclusively available through Allied Broadcast Group. Call or email our experts today to learn more or discuss how this camera can meet your specific video requirements. Stay ahead of the competition and trust Allied Broadcast Group and Sony to unlock your creative potential.