SimplyLive ViBox MICRO Varsity Bundle- NEW In Box

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MSRP : $11,995

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Product Code VI-MicroAIOVB

SimplyLive ViBox MICRO Varsity Bundle Includes:

  • VI-Mini8: 2 RU Vibox Processing Unit (1×2 TB SSD, 16-core AMD CPU, 1050TI iGPU, 32GB RAM, 2 USB ports for removable HDD, 2 SDI 3G I/O)
  • VI-SOMini6: Control Software for Micro ViBox Processing Unit
  • AU-INT: Integrated Software for External Audio Mixer (Behringer XR18,X32, or Midas X32)
  • Xport: Xport Software for ViBox


ViBox Micro – Single Camera, Downstream Turnaround & Production Backup Overview

  • Liven up single-camera productions with audio or graphics; or input single program feed from game production mix to add game announcer or translator before streaming live

Additional System Benefits

  • ViBox Micro is easy to operate with all feature concentrated in a clear and simple to use touchscreen interface
  • Produce an alternate broadcast quality feed by ingesting incoming live feeds, mix local commentary with multiple tracks of embedded audio and add additional content like graphics, opening sequences and ads
  • Create clips and highlights from a live feed and add them to a program or export them to external digital storage
  • Add up to 4 layers of graphics to your live feed or single camera production from either internal or external live graphics coming in via NDI
  • Stream live feeds directly ViBox Micro for immediate or delayed broadcast
  • Take your Micro on location with its environmentally-friendly hardware chassis that is designed to withstand harsh conditions and constant shipping