Sachtler Video 18P with mid-level spreader, two stage carbon fiber legs, two pan arms, and case – USED


Finding the right tools for seamless video production is what we do best at Allied Broadcast Group. For years, we’ve provided video professionals with quality equipment like the Sachtler Video 18P fluid head tripod system. This exceptional tripod provides the reliable camera support needed for polished, professional-looking video.

  • Sachtler Video 18P
  • Mid-level spreader
  • Two stage carbon fiber legs
  • Two pan arms
  • Case
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The Video 18P features a lightweight yet robust carbon fiber twin leg design with two stages of adjustment for working at different heights. The 100mm mid-level spreader offers stable support when fully extended while still allowing the tripod to fold down compactly for transport and storage.

Equipped with Sachtler’s trusted Touch & Go plate system, the Video 18P makes camera mounting secure, swift, and tool-free. Just slide your camera into position and it locks firmly in place. Balancing is also a breeze with the sliding camera plate and Speedbalance technology that provides quick weight compensation adjustments.

Controlled pans and tilts are effortless with the two-step adjustable pan and tilt drag and 16-step counterbalance system. This tripod is designed to provide fluid, intuitive camera movements, especially important for dynamic broadcast and documentary shooting.

We know having the right tools is crucial for video professionals. That’s why Allied Broadcast Group is here as your trusted partner, providing you with exceptional gear like the Sachtler Video 18P tripod system. Contact us today to learn more or place your order. Our team is always happy to help find the ideal solutions for your production needs.