Sachtler Video 18 SB​ with mid-level spreader, 2 stage carbon fiber legs, 2 pan arms, and case- USED


We know that having the right tools is essential for video professionals to capture stunning footage. That’s why we recommend the Sachtler Video 18 SB fluid head and tripod system for reliable, smooth camera moves.

  • Sachtler Video 18 SB
  • Mid-level spreader
  • 2 stage carbon fiber legs
  • 2 pan arms
  • Case
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This lightweight carbon fiber Sachtler Video 18 SB​ is designed for fast setup and portability, with included sturdy carbon fiber two-stage legs and a mid-level spreader for stability. The fluid head offers vibration-free pans and tilts thanks to Sachtler’s patented damping system with five levels of adjustable drag. This allows you to customize the fluid resistance to suit your shot, from slow, gradual moves to rapid pans. The dynamic counterbalancing system also prevents any tipping, keeping your camera balanced at all angles.

With a maximum payload of 40 lbs, the Video 18 SB can handle heavier camera configurations with ease. The 100mm ball base and two pan arms give you flexibility in mounting accessories. Plus, the sliding balance plate has a wide range for fine-tuning the balance of your camera package.

At Allied Broadcast Group, our goal is to equip you with the best gear for your productions. We believe the Sachtler Video 18 SB is an ideal mid-level fluid head and tripod that provides the performance and reliability demanded by professionals. Let our knowledgeable team help find the right solutions to meet your needs – trust us to pair you with the right tools for the job.