Sachtler Video 18 S with mid-level spreader, two-stage carbon fiber legs, two pan arms, and a case – USED


Tired of shaky, uneven camera work wrecking your video shoots? Our Sachtler 18 S kit offers the rock-steady smooth footage you need, even when running and gunning. This system balances perfectly with both heavyweight broadcast cameras and lightweight DSLRs, while the quick-release tripod sets up fast. Don’t settle for subpar gear – get the professional advantage of Sachtler’s 75+ years of expertise. This versatile kit will take your video work to the next level for years to come. Act now and your projects will immediately benefit from smooth, stable camera work.

  • Sachtler Video 18S
  • Mid level spreader
  • Two stage carbon fiber legs
  • Two pan arms
  • Case
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The Sachtler Video 18 S Fluid Head and Speed Lock CF Tripod offer the knowledgeable video professional a versatile, trustworthy system for ENG and run-and-gun shoots. With quick setup and smooth, easy balancing, this combination helps you capture stable footage quickly and efficiently while on the go.

The updated Video 18 S fluid head provides the perfect counterbalance for both lightweight video DSLRs and heavier broadcast camcorders up to 40 lbs (18kg), with a Boost Button for rapid weight shifts. The Speed Lock CF twist-resistant carbon fiber tripod sets up fast, with clamps that adjust smoothly even with the camera mounted.

For total stability, we’ve included a mid-level spreader and rubber feet. The carry case transports the system safely. We’re experts at finding the right tools for your needs – this Sachtler kit will give you flexible, professional-level camera support so you can focus on the shoot. Let our knowledgeable team help build the right system to make your workdays smoother.