Ross Video Ultrix 2 RU (72×72) – USED


The Ross Video Ultrix 2RU Router is a compact and powerful solution for managing video and audio signals in professional broadcast, production, and live event environments. Our team of experts understands the demanding needs of today’s video workflows, and the Ultrix 2RU is designed to deliver exceptional performance and flexibility in a 2-rack unit footprint.

  • 1    Ross    ULTRIX-FR2
  • 1    Ross    ULTRISYNC-18
  • 1    Ross    SFP-MADI-COAX
  • 1    Ross    ULTRISC
  • 1    Ross    ULTRIMIX-MXR
  • 3    Ross    ULTRISCAPE
  • 3    Ross    Ultrix-HDB-IO-A
  • 3    Embrionix    EB35TD1T-SN
  • 4    Ross    ULTRIX-PS
  • 4    Ross    SFP-HDB-OUT-12G
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Ross Video Ultrix 2RU Router: Powerful and Flexible Signal Routing for Professional Productions

The Ultrix 2RU Router offers a robust 72×72 routing matrix, enabling you to route up to 72 video signals and 72 audio signals with ease. This provides ample capacity for even the most complex productions. With its software-defined architecture, the Ultrix 2RU allows you to expand functionality through software licenses. This means you can adapt the router to your specific needs without having to purchase additional hardware. Ultrimix audio processing is another key feature of the Ultrix 2RU. Ultrimix empowers you to route and process both embedded and de-embedded audio. It also provides discrete audio processing capabilities, all within the router itself. This eliminates the need for separate audio equipment, streamlining your workflow. Furthermore, the Ultrix 2RU boasts a massive 1536×1536 audio matrix with Ultrimix. This is perfect for even the most demanding audio productions. Finally, the Ultrix 2RU’s compact 2RU design makes it ideal for space-constrained environments, all without sacrificing power or functionality.

The Ross Video Ultrix 2RU Router is designed to simplify your workflow. With an intuitive control system and software-defined architecture, routing signals becomes a breeze. This saves you valuable time and effort that you can then focus on other aspects of your production. Additionally, the Ultrix 2RU offers unmatched audio flexibility with Ultrimix. Ultrimix empowers you to manage and process audio directly within the router, eliminating the need for external equipment. This simplifies your audio workflow and reduces the complexity of your setup. Furthermore, the Ultrix 2RU is a scalable solution. As your production needs grow, you can easily add new features and functionality through additional software licenses. This protects your investment and ensures the Ultrix 2RU can grow alongside your business. Finally, the Ultrix 2RU is built on Ross Video’s renowned commitment to quality and reliability. This ensures you can depend on the Ultrix 2RU to deliver exceptional performance for years to come, even in the most demanding production environments.