Ross Video Carbonite+ CF-224 Frame and Carbonite Panel Options – USED


At Allied Broadcast Group, we believe in equipping you with the most capable tools to bring your creative vision to life. That’s why we’re excited to offer the Ross Video Carbonite 2 M/E + 224, a supercharged version of the popular Carbonite 2 M/E 224 live production switcher. This powerhouse solution packs even more muscle, empowering you to handle even the most demanding productions with ease.

  • Ross Video Carbonite+ CF-224 Frame
  • Optional panels; select from dropdown below


Take Command of Your Productions with the Ross Video Carbonite 2 M/E + 224: Enhanced Power for Discerning Video Professionals

Unleashing Creativity Without Limits:

The Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, offering the same impressive 24 SDI video inputs and compact 2U rackmount design. However, where it truly shines is in its enhanced DVE capabilities. This upgraded model boasts a built-in capacity for a whopping 8 channels of Digital Video Effects, eliminating the need for additional FSFC cards. This translates to seamless integration and immediate access to a wider range of creative possibilities.

Effortless Scalability for Growth:

The Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 embraces the philosophy of “future-proof” technology. Just like the 2 M/E version, this switcher allows for software-based upgrades, ensuring your system can evolve alongside your production needs. This flexibility protects your investment and empowers you to adapt to changing demands without the hassle of expensive hardware overhauls.

Your Trusted Partner in Production Excellence:

Here at Allied Broadcast Group, we go beyond simply selling equipment. We’re here to be your trusted partner throughout your video production journey. Our team of Ross Video specialists possesses an unmatched depth of knowledge to help you configure the Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 to perfectly match your specific workflow. We’ll answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure you have everything you need to start creating professional productions immediately.

Unparalleled Resources and Support:

We understand that even the most powerful tools require proper guidance. That’s why Allied Broadcast Group provides a comprehensive suite of resources to empower you. From in-depth training materials to ongoing technical assistance, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 investment.

The Ross Video Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 represents the pinnacle of live production switching technology. With its exceptional built-in DVE capabilities and the unwavering support of Allied Broadcast Group, you’ll have everything you need to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver productions that leave a lasting impact.

Contact us today to discuss how the Ross Video Carbonite 2 M/E + 224 can elevate your productions and empower you to tell your stories in a way that truly resonates.

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Ross Video C2M, Ross Video C2S, Ross Video C2X, Ross Video CB2S, Ross Video NEW TouchDrive, No Panel