Ross Video 48V 5.9A PSU Power Supply with 4 Pin Connector for Redundancy or Spare- NEW


Product Code- PSU-48V5.9A-4PIN

Used with Carbonite Black Series Engines


Ross Video 48V 5.9A PSU Power Supply with 4 Pin Connector for Redundancy or Spare


Used with Carbonite Black Series Engines

The new Carbonite Black processing engine brings expanded I/O and ME count, providing 3Full MEs, 36 inputs, and 22 outputs – plus all of the superior features found in our other Carbonite models such as MiniMEs, MultiScreen, 3G and UHD (4K) format support. New Carbonite Black panels not only look beautiful but are a joy to operate. Carbonite has been the favored choice of many media organizations with production requirements for a mid-sized 1, 2 or 2.5 ME production switcher. For many larger productions, operators have expressed the desire for an expanded version of Carbonite that retains all the familiar, highly desirable features and capabilities. Carbonite Black is the answer to that request and delivers even more.

More powerful, more compact, and more affordable than ever. Carbonite Ultra uses the latest technology to distill the best of the Carbonite series into a single, next generation platform.  Ultra-compact and ultra-powerful. Carbonite Ultra is a sleek 1RU chassis that improves upon the most popular Carbonite features and adds new format-independent hardware to handle multi-format productions with ease.


The new FrameGlow feature lets you customize the look of your switcher with a programmable RGB LED bar. FrameGlow is great for differentiating multiple chassis, monitoring switcher status and for use as an impossible-to-miss alarm indicator.


Carbonite Ultra is built on the industry-standard of Carbonite, the production switcher series that powers amazing productions for thousands of Ross customers worldwide. Experience the value of a software-defined switcher platform backed by a team with over 40+ years of production switcher development and one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry.


Yet again, Ross has re-defined the price / performance of a mid-size production switcher. Carbonite Ultra makes it more affordable than ever to introduce big switcher features into your productions.


Carbonite Ultra makes you productive immediately with a range of control choices and an included SoftPanel. Any of the Carbonite Black Series control panels can be paired with Ultra – an interface proven and familiar to tens of thousands of users globally. For novice operators, ViewControl lets you manage your show through a simple touchscreen interface. RossTalk protocol support takes multi-product integration and control to the next level.