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Plug and play trackless virtual set software & hardware for use with fixed physical cameras.
– Includes XPression Studio four input system with Chroma Key-VS/AR Tools Option
– Internal chroma key controls
– 20 virtual camera position presets (2 scenes, 10 per scene)
– Smooth camera moves
– Shadows & reflections for talent
– 6 user customizable virtual sets included (custom set design available per quote)
– Transitions effects between scenes
– Manual virtual camera manipulation (keyboard, Xkeys, Ross Carbonite joystick)
– Media replacement for virtual monitors and hotspots (stills, clips, live inputs)
– Events (macros)
– Webserver for control from browser-enabled devices (Wi-fi tablets, etc.)
– Inbound & outbound RossTalk commands for connections with Carbonite switchers and Ross Dashboard
– Low-level integration with Dashboard as a frame card (self-generating panel & bi-directional communication)

And (1) RVS-UX-TRACK and (1) RVS-UX-VS-HW


Trackless virtual systems are all-in-one engines that require no external action on the part of the camera in order to create movement. They use a stationary physical camera, with all the camera movement being done within the graphics engine. This eliminates the need for physical tracking equipment.

Trackless Studio is an all-in-one virtual production tool that fits almost any budget. Built on the XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System with an intuitive purpose-built interface, Trackless Studio leverages Ross Video’s years of experience with virtual sets and augmented reality to bring quality virtual sets to even the most basic productions.