Ross FURIO VR ONE Motorized Dollies with a Telescopic Lift System – USED


Elevate your productions with the Furio VR-ONE, a complete motorized dolly system with a telescopic lift, designed to empower a single operator to achieve dynamic, smooth camera movements.

  • 3 – VR 1 Motorized Dollies – Each with a Telescopic Lift System
  • 2-3 Axis camera head and operator controls
  • Fully digital and network controlled servo motors that offer a single operator the ability to pan, track, lift and tilt the camera from distance using foot pedals and joystick.
  • Precision custom made extruded aluminum rails, 14” wide with 1 50” track (3 large sections)
  • 1 90” track (4 large and 1 small section) includes automatic optical end stops
  • Automatic pan compensation and anti collision
  • The Furio System includes a standard computer with Smart Shell software that runs the automation.
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The Furio VR-ONE – Unleash Creative Freedom with Precision Camera Movement

The Furio VR-ONE is a comprehensive camera dolly system designed to streamline your workflow and unlock a new level of creative freedom.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Control:
    This innovative system combines three VR-1 motorized dollies, each equipped with a telescopic lift, offering pan, tilt, lift, and track functionalities – all controllable by a single operator using intuitive foot pedals and a joystick.
  • Maximized Efficiency: Featuring fully digital and network-controlled servo motors, the Furio VR-ONE allows for precise camera movements from a distance, saving you valuable time and resources on set.
  • Unmatched Versatility: The included precision-crafted aluminum rails come in a variety of configurations (1 x 50” track with 3 large sections, 1 x 90” track with 4 large and 1 small section), providing exceptional flexibility to accommodate diverse shooting environments.
  • Seamless Workflow: Automatic features like optical end stops, pan compensation, and anti-collision ensure smooth operation and prevent unwanted equipment damage, keeping your production running smoothly.

Intuitive Software: The Furio VR-ONE comes with a standard computer pre-loaded with Smart Shell software, providing a user-friendly platform for controlling all system functions with ease.

Invest in the Furio VR-ONE and experience the difference professional camera control can make on your next production.