RED DSMC® Aluminum Leica-M Mount (Captive)


RED DSMC® Aluminum Leica-M Mount (Captive)

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The DSMC Al Leica-M Mount allows you to mount a select group of Leica-M lenses onto a DSMC® or DSMC2® BRAIN for shooting motion or still images. This lens mount is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel—and is compatible with most Leica-M series lenses with focal lengths of 50mm or greater.


The DSMC Al Leica-M Mount features captive mounting screws, so you’re never searching for hardware.


IMPORTANT: Most M series lenses have rear elements that project beyond the rearmost face of the lens’ bayonet lugs of the lens mount. Attempting to mount a lens without modifications to allow for clearance could result in damage to the lens, mount, or BRAIN®.


IMPORTANT: If you are using an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® or SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X camera, you may need to install a new OLPF frame (included with the DSMC AL Leica-M Mount). Leica-M lenses are incompatible with older models of the OLPF frame originally installed in the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X. For more information, refer to the OLPF Frame Installation Instructions.


NOTE: Some Leica-M Mount lenses may vignette if they are unable to cover the full 46.31mm diagonal of the MONSTRO 8K® VV sensor.