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NewTek LivePanelTM

Now anyone can command modern IP production workflows with the confidence of an experienced professional. Introducing NewTek LivePanel, a browser-based control solution that extends your live production environment to familiar desktop and mobile devices— anywhere on the network.

Included with the NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine and available as an optional upgrade for TriCaster® TC1, NewTek LivePanel provides remote access to your live production system and control from a variety of user-friendly interfaces. Equipped with software-based panels for live switching, audio mixing, and media playback, and the ability to configure fully custom panels, anyone from a novice user to a certified operator can perform specific tasks or runthe entire show from any wired or wireless device with a Web browser.

Ideal for broadcast, corporate, education, entertainment, live events, sports, worship, and more, NewTek LivePanel opens up a whole new world of possibilities that make video production more approachable, more accessible, and more flexible than ever before.

Easy to Use
Simplify production control, implement new workflows quickly, and get more people involved using their own everyday devices.

•Universal Compatibility
Run from any device on the network with a current OS or modern Web browser, including workstations, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

•Increased Participation
Share responsibilities, add operator positions, and extend control behind the scenes—and even in front of the camera.

•Reliable Results
Ensure consistent production quality and professional results—regardless of the operator’s experience level or system familiarity.

•Total Customization
Create your own control panels with the tools and functions you need, or work with NewTek ProServ to develop custom user experiences that fit your requirements.

•Sports Production Tools
Get intuitive scoring controls for baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, and soccer, plus 11 customizable sports graphics templates.

NewTek LivePanel™, the new face of a modern IP video workflow that makes it easier for more people to have control of the live production process. Providing the ability to configure a custom user interface that delivers exactly the tools and functions you need, easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system.