NewTek 3Play 820 with 3Play PXD820 Control Surface- USED

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This unit has been recently serviced and is in excellent working condition.


  • NewTek 3Play 820 Frame
  • NewTek 3Play PXD820 Control Surface


The NewTek 3Play 820 HD/SD Slow-Motion Replay System offers instant replay and slow motion functionality for broadcast, webcast, and arena scoreboard displays. Featured IsoCorder technology allows you to use up to 8 channels to capture video and 2 channels to output video.

With 10 channel slow motion instant replay server, the 3Play 820 system supports continuous, simultaneous video recording from up to 8 sources with 2 independent output channels. Interpolated slow motion feature avoids ghosting or blurring in still frames and offers error free video playback. The replay system supports LTC (linear timecode) that captures synchronized live videos and results in effective post production.

Supporting export/import of variety of media types, the 3Play 820 system supports a wide range of video and film formats. In addition, the replay system allows you to create multiple playlists, transitions, and sound tracks. The 3Play system supports a second display that can be used an ISO monitor bridge including Heads Up Display (transparent display).

The 3Play 820 replay system allows you to transfer information from live video inputs to the selected destination drives. In addition, the replay system also supports content transfer from a single channel to 2 simultaneous drives for fail safety. With compact 4U rack mount design, the slow motion relay system can be used for applications such as sports broadcasting, teams, leagues, and schools.