Want professional-quality HD footage without the professional-sized price tag? The JVC GY-HC900 is your answer. This compact, lightweight camcorder delivers stunning 1080p recording in a portable, ergonomic design. Dual SD card slots allow unlimited recording time. Manual control rings provide the flexibility of a pro camcorder. Plus, you get cinematic depth and detail from JVC’s advanced imaging. For pristine High Definition without breaking your budget, grab the GY-HC900 today. You’ll capture gorgeous video that looks like it came from a camera costing way more. The GY-HC900 – affordable HD excellence from JVC! Package includes everything in pictures.

  • JVC GY-HC900
  • BR-DE900 decoder
  • KA EN200G streaming encoder


Capture Your World in Stunning HD with the JVC GY HC900 Camcorder

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, seasoned videographer, or simply want to record life’s precious moments in breathtaking quality, the JVC GY HC900 is the perfect camcorder for you. This innovative HD camcorder delivers unparalleled image clarity and color accuracy with its advanced 3-CCD imaging system and HD-Y paint detail enhancement technology.

The GY HC900 makes shooting easy with its flexible range of recording formats. Choose 1080p, 1080i, or 720p to match your workflow. Record directly to SDHC/SDXC media cards for instant, high-capacity storage without the need for tapes or discs. The dual SD card slots allow simultaneous recording to two cards for instant backup or extended recording times.

Designed for mobility and portability, the compact GY HC900 weighs less than 4 lbs yet is packed with professional controls like manual rings for focus, zoom, and iris adjustment. The bright, high-resolution EVF and flip-out 3.5” LCD make monitoring and shot composition simple from practically any angle or in difficult lighting.

Whether shooting events, documentaries, or cinematic productions, the JVC GY HC900 delivers incredible image fidelity with the convenience and handling of a consumer camcorder. Order yours today and see your vision come to life in stunning high definition.

Included in this package is a BR-DE900 decoder and KA EN200G streaming encoder both already installed in the camera.

The BR-DE900 decoder is a professional grade, high performance IP decoding appliance supporting the latest bandwidth efficient HEVC/H.265 and H.264/AVC compression standards. It features a robust portable enclosure perfectly suited for field use and provides best-in-class video quality and industry-standard audio/video connectivity.

Bring your live events to more viewers with the KA EN200G multi-channel HD streaming encoder. Designed specifically for schools, corporations, houses of worship, and local governments, the EN200G allows you to cost-effectively stream meetings, classes, sports, and performances to remote audiences.

The EN200G supports up to 2 channel HD encoding with simultaneous streaming to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Keep streaming even if the internet drops with automatic reconnection and recording features. The built-in screen allows monitoring of video sources, streaming status, and channel analytics.

Configuration is simple through the web GUI, while advanced users can utilize the ASCII command interface. Inputs include HDMI, SDI, RGB/HD-YCbCr, and audio connectors to interface with professional AV equipment. Streaming at bitrates up to 8 Mbps ensures excellent video quality.

For affordable, reliable multi-channel streaming, the KA EN200G has everything you need in a compact, fanless design that’s easy to set up. Reach bigger audiences and get your message out to the world. Read more here!