Ikegami HDK-99 4 Camera Package – USED


This state-of-the-art camera is perfect for broadcasters and production companies looking to future-proof their operations with an affordable and flexible Ikegami HDK-99 camera system:

  • Ikegami HDK99/BX Native multi-format digital portable HDTV camera system x4
  • Ikegami FA-97A fiber adapters x4
  • Ikegami VFL201A 2-inch HDTV viewfinders x4
  • Ikegami BSX-100H digital base stations x4
  • Ikegami T-430 tripod mounting plate x4
  • Ikegami VFL701A/K Multi-format 7″ Color LCD VFs with mounting bracket, and cables x4
  • Ikegami HVF701D-003 Small (Studio) Hoods x4
  • Ikegami OCP-300 Operation control panels x4
  • Ikegami Dual Rack Mount Adaptors x2


Unlock the Full Potential of the Ikegami HDK-99/BX with Our Complete Production Package

The Ikegami HDK-99/BX Native Multi-Format HDTV Camera is an incredibly versatile broadcasting solution on its own. But our HDK-99/BX production package takes its capabilities even further for studios ready to make a comprehensive technology investment.

Our turnkey bundle pairs the outstanding HDK-99/BX camera head and docking base station with a full suite of Ikegami accessories and equipment to enable truly professional results across ENG, field production, and studio configurations.

At the heart of our package is the pioneering HDK-99/BX camera, which shoots pristine 1080p HD across multiple formats. We supplement this with Ikegami FA-97A fiber adapters for long-distance signal transmission from remote locations back to the studio. The kit also includes a pair of 2-inch Ikegami VFL201A HDTV viewfinders and 7-inch Ikegami VFL701A/K multi-format LCD viewfinders to monitor shots on set or in the field.

For studio mode, we provide the robust Ikegami BSX-100H base station to easily dock and integrate the HDK-99/BX camera head. This base station unlocks full studio camera controls and connectivity. An included Ikegami T-430 tripod mounting plate offers a flexible mounting option for tripod use.

No studio camera package is complete without dedicated CCU control. Our bundle provides Ikegami’s OCP-300 full-featured operation control panel for paint, shutter, gamma and matrix adjustments right from your fingertips. We also incorporate Ikegami’s Dual Rack Mount Adapters to neatly install two OCP-300 panels in a standard 19-inch EIA rack.

For crafting the perfect shot, we round out the package with Ikegami HVF701D-003 studio viewfinder hoods. These advanced accessories reduce glare and light spill in bright studio settings.

With the exceptional HDK-99/BX camera and our comprehensive production package, you get the portable, dockable, native 1080p HD camera of the future backed by Ikegami’s complete lineup of professional accessories and equipment. This turnkey bundle enables you to handle any type of production and unlock the full potential of next-generation HDTV.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about purchasing the HDK-99/BX along with our unrivaled production package. Take your studio capabilities into the future with Ikegami.