Ikegami HDK-77EC Camera Chains with Fiber and Triax Backs- USED


We have 8 Ikegami camera chains available right now for $12,500 per chain or $95,000 for all of them. These cameras are pulled from a working environment and are all in excellent condition. Call or email us today for more information on these Ikegami camera chains!

  • (8) Ikegami HDK-77EC Camera Heads
  • (8) Ikegami M890 CCU
  • (8) OCP-200 camera control units
  • (8) TA-79 Triax backs
  • (6) FA-79 SMPTE backs
  • (8) CB-79HD
  • (8) camera tripod plates
  • (6) 2” viewfinders
  • (4) System Expander with 7” LCD viewfinders
  • (1) Master control panel


The HDK-77EC supports native 1080i/59.94 Hz and 720p/59.94Hz dual format with CMOS sensors and adopts TA-79HD HD-Triax Adaptor to utilize existing triax infrastructure. The harmony of advanced technology and legacy of transmission system offers a practical solution. Advanced CMOS sensors are employed to achieve superb picture quality. CMOS sensors have wide dynamic range and in principle, no smear since electric charges are not shifted throughout the imager which is the cause of vertical smear in CCDs. Instead each pixel of the CMOS sensor has it’s own amplifier (which changes electric charges to voltage signals). So it performs signal amplification on a pixel basis.


  • Employs new technology
    2/3-inch specified CMOS sensors Native 720/60p and 1080/60i operation available.
  • CCU-890T Full digital processing HDTV-Triax Camera Control Unit
    The CCU-890T is designed for dedicated use of a triax connection between the HDK-77EC camera with TA-79HD triax adaptor, ensuring full resolution transmission of HDTV signals over conventional triax cable, up to 1550m with 14.5mm diameter Fujikura triax cable. By using optional Up/Down converters HDTV and SDTV formats are supported simultaneously in both digital and analog form with a wide range of built-in interfaces. The CCU-890T also features embedded audio in the SDI output signals, as well as, frame synchronizer for return video input signals. Also CCU-890 (Fiber) and BS-89 (Harl Rack Fiber CCU) are available;

    • Full rack size CCU-890 (Fiber type)
    • Half rack size BS-89 (Fiber type)
  • TA-79HD HDTV-Triax Camera Adaptor
    A high performance HDTV triax transmission system is now available. This is ideally suited for studio/field applications where there is an existing triax infrastructure.
  • Studio lens and 9-inch LCD VF operation with SE-79D System Expander
  • Cutting-edge, Network based Control Panel System
    The OCP-200 / MCP-200 is a new Network based control panel system offered as an alternate to the traditional Ikegami style control panels. The Network system allows any OCP-200 to control any camera with assignment set at the OCP itself. System wiring is simplified with control of up to 96 cameras via a single coax cable between CCU locations and video control locations. The OCP-200 and MCP-200 include touch screen LCDs. Conventional one by one camera control connection is also available. more;