Hitachi SK-HD1200 Camera(s) Package – USED


Welcome to a new era in high-definition video acquisition. The Hitachi SK-HD1200 takes studio and field production to the next level with superior imagery, advanced functionality, and proven Hitachi reliability. This powerful HDTV camera is loaded with innovative features to help you capture stunning video under a wide range of conditions.

  • SK-HD1200 Cameras (3 Available)
  • VF-402 Ocular VFs (3 Available)
  • TA-Z3 Tripod Plates (3 Available)
  • CA-HF1200 SMPTE Cam Adapters (3 Available)
  • CU-HD1200U CCUs (3 Available)
  • RU-1500JY RCPs (3 Available)
  • Road Cases (3 Available)
  • HDF-700H Studio VFs (2 Available)
  • VF-L90HD Studio VF (1 Available)
  • AT-750 VF Adapters (2 Available)
  • AT-951 VF VF Adapter (1 Available)


Capture Superior Imagery with the Hitachi SK-HD1200

At the heart of the SK-HD1200 lies Hitachi’s advanced CMOS image sensors. Their low noise and high sensitivity enable the capture of truly remarkable HD video. You’ll be blown away by the lifelike detail, vibrant colors, and cinematic depth. Wide dynamic range ensures excellent footage even under harsh or mixed lighting.

Cutting-edge digital signal processing delivers images with incredible texture richness and accuracy. Hitachi’s proprietary technologies like Dynamic Pixel Management yield optimal clarity and color fidelity. The SK-HD1200 handles fast motion, harsh highlights, and low light situations with ease. Whatever you’re shooting, the superior optics and sophisticated imaging system of the SK-HD1200 empower you to produce dynamic HD video that exceeds the vision of your creators.

Ultimate versatility

The SK-HD1200 adapts seamlessly to a diversity of video productions. Its modular design provides the flexibility to configure the camera for ENG, studio, or EFP applications.

Three 2/3-inch 1080p CMOS sensors with global shutter provide a native 1920 x 1080 resolution. They deliver the pristine imagery required for live events, broadcasts, and premium cinematic productions. The global shutter eliminates artifacts common with rolling shutter CMOS, enabling distortion-free capture of fast action and camera movements.

In the studio, the SK-HD1200 integrates smoothly into broadcast workflows. It captures flawless chroma key with built-in green and blue spill correction. Genlock and tri-level sync interfaces allow for easy configuration of multi-camera installations.

The lightweight body and low power consumption make the SK-HD1200 equally suited to electronic field production. It’s perfect for documentaries, commercials, live events and more. Shooters can capture hours of stunning footage on a single battery charge.

Cutting Edge Features
  • Super Slow-Motion Recording – Capture amazing slow motion up to 8x normal speed in full HD resolution. Slow it down to reveal details invisible to the naked eye.
  • HDR Modes – High Dynamic Range modes enable capturing an extended contrast range exceeding the capabilities of conventional HD. Bring out subtle detail in highlights and shadows.
  • Wireless Interface – Integrated wireless control allows remote lens, camera, and menu control from tablets and other devices. Streamlines multi-camera productions.
  • Advanced Networking – Built-in IP control and streaming enable operation as part of an IP-based production infrastructure.
  • Proxy Recording – Simultaneous low-res proxy files allow efficient offline editing and content sharing.
  • Media Recording – Record simultaneously to SD card and SxS media for ingest flexibility and instant archiving.
Hitachi Reliability

Like all Hitachi cameras, the SK-HD1200 is backed by over 50 years of broadcast video expertise. It incorporates the company’s sophisticated digital technologies developed through years of experience.

The SK-HD1200 undergoes Hitachi’s extreme stress testing to ensure flawless operation under harsh conditions. Its rugged die-cast magnesium chassis provides durability. Advanced digital circuitry improves temperature tolerance and resistance to shock and vibration.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The advanced capabilities of the SK-HD1200 open up new creative possibilities. You’re free to capture fast-paced action with super slow-motion. Shoot high contrast scenes using HDR to preserve detail. Configure a multi-camera studio production monitored remotely through tablets. Stream live events directly to the internet. The list goes on.

Whatever your video needs, from live sports and events to cinematic productions, the SK-HD1200 gives you the superior tools. Harness its advanced feature set and incredible image quality to take your videos to the next level. When image quality matters, the choice is clear. Bring the legendary performance of Hitachi to your HD productions with the SK-HD1200.

The Leader in HD Video Technology

For decades, Hitachi cameras have been the choice of top broadcasters and video professionals worldwide. The SK-HD1200 continues this pedigree of excellence, incorporating the latest innovations from Hitachi’s state-of-the-art engineering labs.

Some key advantages of Hitachi:

  • Cutting Edge CMOS Sensors – Hitachi pioneered CMOS technology bringing high resolution, sensitivity, and advanced functionality.
  • Sophisticated Video Processing – Hitachi’s proprietary algorithms and digital signal processing deliver unrivaled imagery.
  • Broadcast Heritage – Decades of experience building rugged, reliable broadcast cameras.
  • Extensive Expertise – Continued leadership in video technology R&D and new product development.
  • Global Installation Base – Hitachi cameras televise some of the world’s largest live events.
  • Industry Recognition – Hitachi cameras consistently earn technical achievement awards.

With the SK-HD1200, you’re investing not just in a camera, but in the unmatched expertise of an industry leader. You get access to the finest imaging tools backed by Hitachi’s commitment to advancing the state of the art.

Experience the Power

Now is the time to bring the game-changing SK-HD1200 into your productions. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about this revolutionary camera and how it can meet your unique video needs. We’re happy to provide hands-on demonstrations and sample footage so you can see the Hitachi difference firsthand.

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand how important selecting the right equipment is. That’s why we carry only top-tier professional video brands we can stand behind. Enhance your productions with the superior imagery, advanced features, and rock-solid reliability of the Hitachi SK-HD1200. Bring your HD video to the next level with the leader in innovative camera technology.

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