Grass Valley LDX-80 Premier Camera Chains- USED

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If you’re looking for Grass Valley camera chains, you’re in the right place! We have 6 chains available and they all come complete with camera, CCU, OCP, and studio VF. Contact us today for additional information on these camera chains!

Grass Valley Chains Include:

  • 6 Camera LDX80 Premier
  • 6 Triax Back LDK 5418
  • 6 Triax base station LDK4420
  • 6 Viewfinder LDK5307
  • 6 OCP
  • 6 Reflex sled

Price is $27,500 for each chain


The LDX 80 Series comprises a range of high-end live production camera heads using Xensium-FT imagers. An LDX 80 Series camera head contains optics, imagers and digital image processing electronics, while the transmission system (3G Fiber or 3G Triax) can be selected by docking an interchangeable transmission adapter to the camera head. The dockable principle allows the greatest flexibility and cost-effective solutions in multiple applications.

An LDX 80 Series camera head uses custom-designed 2/3-inch CMOS Xensium-FT imagers that offer superior performance and ultimate flexibility. Native high-definition video formats 1080p, 1080i and 720p (available video modes are depending on the camera model and version) are produced at the touch of a button.

Progressive frame sampling is the native imaging mode, providing complete frame samples. The entire imager surface is used for image sampling—there are no interline transfer channels which introduce aliasing artifacts.

Xensium-FT imagers have a high dynamic range and high linear sensitivity across all lens apertures. There is no shutter and no vertical smear effect.

The advanced video processing of the camera is done with floating point precision while all major camera functions are processed in the digital domain, including knee, gamma, detail, matrix and color correction.

To make images look their best, the LDX 80 Series cameras incorporate TrueTextureTM—a unique feature to preserve texture throughout all processing parameters.

Chromatic lens aberration correction (CLASS) offers impressive sharpness improvements on the outer regions of the image by canceling out shifts in color registration. This algorithm works in conjunction with lens data, using industry standard lens interface protocols.

For Première, Elite and WorldCam modelss, the Dynamic Detail Equalizer provides more control over image sharpness than ever before. Detail enhancement can be fine-adjusted for each individual tonal range.