Grass Valley LDX-80 Premiere Triax CCU, 3G upgradeable- USED


Step into the future of broadcast with the LDX-80 Premiere and its groundbreaking Xensium-FT CMOS sensors that deliver unprecedented flexibility and picture quality for live production. This package includes:

  • Grass Valley LDX-80 Premiere Camera Head
  • Grass Valley XCU Elite Triax CCU
  • Grass Valley LDK-5307, Studio VF
  • Grass Valley LDK-5302, ENG VF
  • Grass Valley OCP-400
  • 1080i/720p Format

Cameras are upgradeable to 1080/24PsF, and 3G



Step Into the Future of Broadcast with the LDX-80 Premiere

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the immense challenges broadcast professionals face keeping pace with rapidly evolving industry demands. You need flexible, future-proof gear capable of delivering pristine imagery today while adapting to the innovations of tomorrow.

That’s why we’re thrilled to showcase the game-changing power of the LDX-80 Premiere system from Grass Valley. Purpose-built for live broadcast and OB production, the standard LDX-80 configuration leverages groundbreaking Xensium-FT CMOS imaging for unprecedented flexibility and operational performance in 1080i and 720p captures.

And for those needing support for 1080p and 3G transmission systems, an upgraded LDX-80 configuration is also available. Please inquire with your Allied Broadcast Group sales representative or through our Product Inquiry Form for details and pricing on the 1080p/3G upgrade option.

See the Difference with Xensium-FT

Built on advanced Frame Transfer technology, the custom three 2/3-inch Xensium-FT CMOS sensors inside LDX-80 slash smearing and motion artifacts even in fast-action shots. And with nearly 2x the sensitivity of previous generations, they require less lighting while reducing noise. The result? Consistently striking images full of rich texture and detail even in low light and under tight deadlines.

Xensium-FT also enables the enhanced processing of TrueTexture. Unique imaging algorithms preserve natural texture throughout endless creative adjustments to paint remarkable pictures exactly matching your vision.

Unrivaled Versatility for Today…and Tomorrow

The LDX-80 Premiere redefines multi-format flexibility. Capture pristine 1080i or 720p footage with the same camera simply by switching between available configurations in the field. And with support for 3G transmission systems as well as Grass Valley’s pioneering C2IP camera control, you can build systems to suit virtually any live scenario.

Yet flexibility extends beyond the technical capabilities. Shooting handheld, on a tripod, or in specialist positions, LDX-80’s ergonomic design places control right at your fingertips. Easily access buttons, adjustable handles, and a large rotary control to pull off creative shots without distraction. While the intelligent PickMe button gives operators a helping hand during the intensity of live production.

Complete Creative Control

Achieving the visuals you envision demands tools up to the task. That’s why LDX-80 comes loaded with an array of advanced creative controls.

The unique ArtTouch interface smart-couples parameters for intuitive image manipulation. Powerful Dyanmic Detail Equalizer stretches parameters even further. And the advanced 6-setting secondary color correction easily dials in the exact color hue, saturation, and luminance using two dedicated knobs per setting.

Experience the Future Now

LDX-80 Premiere sets a new standard for flexible, future-facing broadcast cameras. Powered by groundbreaking Xensium-FT CMOS sensors and loaded with an arsenal of creative controls, it delivers unmatched imagery and versatility for OB production teams ready to step into the future.

Make LDX-80 Premiere the next ‘go-to’ tool in your kit and step into tomorrow’s live broadcasting world today. Discover the difference for yourself. Contact our team at Allied Broadcast Group to learn more and request a quote tailored for your production needs.