Grass Valley LDK-4502 Camera Base Station- USED


Grass Valley LDK-4502 Camera Base Station 

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Grass Valley LDK-4502 Camera Base Station

The HDTV Camera Base Station is the perfect interface between your HDTV camera and the
rest of your system. The heavy-duty base station provides state-of-the-art technology in a
compact package. The high level of modularity guarantees ideal matching with any type of
application; you can use the system in a studio or for mobile field production, for HDTV or for
SDTV production. Optional modules can be inserted or removed at any time, making it possible
to change the configuration on a day-to-day basis.
The Base Station is only 2U high yet offers full broadcast functionality and quality.The low
height means that rack space is saved. Its low power consumption and efficient internal
cooling eliminate the need for space between adjacent units. Sliding rails are additionally
available for easy access to the back panel. The wings on either side of the back panel protect
all connectors from damage, including the Triax connector. The Triax connector itself can easily
be mounted at different angles to suit all mounting requirements.
Operational controls
You can access the Base Station menu, which contains all operational settings, from an
Operational Control Panel. In addition to the operational menu, the installation and service
menus can be activated from the Base Station by pressing a switch behind the front panel. The
Base Station is compatible with all existing control system components.
The modular concept makes it easy to expand the functionality by simply adding new modules.
Quick exchange of the modules for servicing or the ability to swap modules between Base
Stations is another benefit.
The external video input module provides two analog video inputs and loop-through analog
outputs. The signal can be PAL or NTSC, and does not need to be clamped. It can also be non-
synchronized. The external video input module can be replaced in future by a digital one.
The audio and advanced intercom module provides 4-channel intercom and 2-channel audio
from the camera. The high-quality audio from the camera head is passed to the different
outputs via balanced line drivers on the module for clean transparent sound. The gain levels
can be remotely controlled.