Grass Valley LDK 4000 Camera Chain Package – USED


See the Difference with Grass Valley’s LDK 4000 Camera Package


For broadcast professionals seeking unmatched image quality, the Grass Valley LDK 4000 camera system delivers. Now available as a comprehensive package, this end-to-end solution provides everything you need for pristine HD acquisition.


  • LDK 4000 camera heads (qty 4)
  • Super Expanders w/7” 4019 Viewfinders (qty 3)
  • 4019 Viewfinder & small studio adapter (qty 1)
  • LDK 4502 Base Stations (qty 5)
  • LDK 4628 RCP’s (qty 7)
  • LDK RCP Master Panel (qty 1)
  • LDK Eye Piece Viewfinders (qty 2)
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The LDK 4000 system is built around Grass Valley’s advanced 2/3″ LDK 4000 camera heads, renowned for their outstanding imaging, sensitivity, and creative controls. With three high-performance 7″ 4019 Super Expander viewfinders and adapters, operators can frame shots smoothly and accurately. Two LDK Eye Piece Viewfinders offer additional flexibility. Five LDK 4502 base stations provide robust, future-ready support for camera heads, while seven LDK 4628 remote control panels put key adjustments at users’ fingertips. The LDK RCP Master Panel ties the whole system together for synchronized control.


Unleashing the LDK 4000’s full potential, this complete package delivers the tools for truly cinematic imagery. Grass Valley’s unique Xensium-FT CMOS sensor handles highlights and shadows with ease, while the powerful DPMUltra processor enables native 1080p acquisition for maximal detail. Adaptive detail correction preserves edges, while advanced autofocus and auto exposure react instantly to any change. 


Ergonomic controls like the LDK Rotary Optical Filter Wheel allow for creative adjustments on the fly. Pre-installed licenses activate advanced features like HDR operation. And with native IP connectivity, the LDK 4000 integrates smoothly into progressive, IT-based broadcast environments.


Built for the realities of field and studio production, the LDK 4000 boasts an impressive pedigree. Drawing on over 60 years of Grass Valley expertise, it combines digital flexibility and connectivity with the proven reliability broadcasters demand. Robust construction and modular design optimize serviceability. 


The LDK 4000 camera system lets your audience see the difference—immersive HD images that enhance storytelling. Paired with Allied Broadcast Group’s unmatched service and support, this powerful package is an investment in quality acquisition for years to come.


Discover what’s possible when creative tools and technical prowess come together. Contact our team today to learn more about the Grass Valley LDK 4000 camera chain package—only available from Allied Broadcast Group.