Grass Valley LDK-3000+ Camera- USED

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The LDK 3000 is a high definition, multi-format camera head that offers great flexibility and high picture quality combined with a favorable cost of ownership. The LDK 3000 has three 2/3- inch, 2.4 million pixels CMOS imagers specially developed for broadcast applications.

Transmission of the full bandwidth HD signal is based on Grass Valley’s well proven, highly robust and reliable TriaxHD system.

The camera’s multi-format capability is realized with innovative 2/3-inch, 2.4 million pixel CMOS imagers specially developed for broadcast applications. Many unique features have been designed into these imagers such as DDS—Double Digital Sampling—and dual integrated A/D converters which create high-quality, razor-sharp pictures. The multi-format HD acquisition system supports both 1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94 formats.

The advanced digital processing of the camera is based on on-chip A/D converters and 34-bit accurate internal processing. All major camera functions are processed in the digital domain, including gamma, knee, detail and advanced selectable color matrix. A full digital noise reduction system is implemented.

The intelligent continuous automatics function provides automatic control of black levels and black shading. Each imager provides black reference signals that are used to monitor temperature changes. This means that continuous automatic correction is applied without operator intervention.

To make images look their best, the LDK 3000 contains powerful colorimetry and color- matching capabilities. It also contains two independent skin detail circuits. These circuits allow you to select any two color values and adjust detail processing in those areas, thus allowing improvement in the appearance of facial tones or of any selected tone.

With HDTV, focusing is even more critical than before. The LDK 3000 has special patented focusing aids. A unique viewfinder zoom function enlarges the viewfinder image instantly with a simple press-button action, thus providing improved means for focusing.

Additionally, a patented crawler circuitry adds motion in the viewfinder to objects in sharp focus.