Fujinon XA99x8.4 BESM, Controls, Sled, and Case – USED


With its expansive 99x zoom range and cutting-edge features like rapid QuickZoom and advanced image stabilization, the Fujinon XA99X8.4BESM gives broadcast professionals the versatility and performance to capture any shot. This innovative super wide-angle box lens sets a new standard for optical quality across focal lengths. Add it to your gear for flexible, reliable broadcasting.

  • Fujinon XA99x8.4 BESM
  • Semi Servo Controls
  • Fujinon. ELH-112A-35A
  • Case
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Capture every detail with the Fujinon XA99X8.4BESM DigiPower zoom lens – the most advanced super wide-angle box lens available today. This innovative lens is perfect for broadcast professionals who need flexibility and unmatched optical performance.

The XA99X8.4BESM offers an expansive 8.4mm wide angle view, letting you capture the full scene and action during live events and in tight studio settings. The 99x zoom range extends all the way to 832mm telephoto for dramatic close ups and facial shots. For even more reach, the built-in 2x extender provides up to 1664mm focal length. No other box lens offers this level of versatility in a lightweight, portable package.

Of course, image stabilization is crucial when zooming in for those tight shots. Fujinon’s advanced OS-TECH stabilization system delivers rock steady footage even at long focal lengths. The integrated optical stabilization compensates for vibration and camera shake, allowing sharp, clear images when shooting handheld or with drive systems.

We know quick shot framing and focus adjustments are vital for live broadcasts. The XA99X8.4BESM’s DigiPower system includes convenient QuickZoom and One Shot Preset functions operated right from the lens barrel. Zoom in to check focus in an instant, then zoom back out – perfect for fast-paced productions. The preset function allows you to define and store your most used zoom and focus positions for rapid access.

Fujinon utilizes decades of experience to engineer every lens for unrivaled optical performance. Aspherical elements, multi-layer coatings, and extra-low dispersion glass produce stunning brightness and high contrast across the entire focal range. Advanced focus breathing compensation keeps images focused crisp during zooming. You get Fujinon’s renowned color science and accuracy in HD, 4K, and beyond.

The robust mechanical design withstands heavy field use for reliability you can count on. Quick and easy setup integrates with your existing 2/3″ cameras and fiber or HDSDI connections. For even more control, add the optional remote control unit. Of course, our team is always here to provide any assistance needed as your trusted partner.

Take your broadcasts to the next level with the new XA99X8.4BESM zoom. Contact us today to learn more or request a custom quote.