Fujinon XA88x8.8 BESM-OT1A with Full Servo Controls and ULM-2- USED



  • Full Servo Controls
    • ERD-5A-D01
    • EPA-22
    • EA-12A-05BA
  • ULM-2 Sled
  • Case
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Fujinon’s XA88x8.8 predecessor, a Fujinon XA87×9.3 HD lens (87× zoom, 9.3-mm minimum focal length), which back in the day served as the fundamental lens for broadcasting applications. This 88x high-performance HDTV lens was designed to have a wider field of view and be shorter than XA87. The result was reduced lens weight and reduced fluctuations in optical performance, thanks to the application of the dual-group focus mechanism.

Fujinon XA88x8.8 is suited best for extreme closeups during sports events. The lens also comes equipped with a wide variety of extra features including Fujinon’s QuickZoom technology, providing a quick and easy way to verify focus.